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Markelle Fultz of Philadelphia 76ers receives 10 points in return from the 68 -fold absence

PHILADELPHIA – 76ers rookie guard Markelle Fultz returned on Monday night for the first time since October 23 in a 123-104 win over the Denver Nuggets.

The # 1 NBA 2017 drafted 15 minutes as a backup point guard to launch Ben Simmons. He scored 10 points in 5-by-13 shooting, taking eight assists and four rebounds.

Fultz checked the game with just under three minutes in the first quarter for a rousing standing ovation from one sold out of the crowd at the Wells Fargo Center. The fans roared expectantly every time he collected the ball on the following possessions during that time.

In his opening match of 2018 Fultz enjoyed some impressive flourishes and suffered some harsh moments. He lost the ball on his first possession and led the Sixers offensive, but moments later followed with a smooth finger-roll lay-up from the dribble along the right baseline for a simple score on the edge.

During his stint in the first half, Fultz was twice blocked by Nuggets great man Mason Plumlee when he tried a few midfielder from the dribble, but also orchestrated a well-choreographed pick-and-roll with the Sixers Center Joel Embiid , The-back misses the action, resulting in free throws for Embiid.

Fultz was more confident in the six-minute period in the second half. He unleashed an acrobatic, jostling leash from the glass that was propelled by the right shoulder he had injured. Moments later, he grabbed a feeder from teammate Marco Belinelli as he jumped to the nearest basket on the edge. The Sixers outperformed the Nuggets during the two Fultz shifts, and he finished his 1

4 minutes with a plus 16 in the boxing score.

With the Sixers remaining around 20 and just over three minutes in the game, a saying "We Want Fultz" grew to a deafening pitch. Brown pledged to reinstate the rookie who spoke for the final 2:42 to a loud staccato "Fultz Fultz Fultz". He avenged Plumlee's first half blocks by letting a stepback jumper run over the tall man in the final moments of the 76ers win.

There had been some intrigue surrounding Fultz's recovery schedule, with indefinite information about his return from both the 76ers organization and Fultz's camp. The shoulder is a notoriously complicated joint, and identifying the specific cause of Fultz's kickback was an elusive practice. While recovering from a right shoulder problem, Fultz was diagnosed with a scapular imbalance.

"We do not know where it started, when it started, but at some point since we saw it in the summer league that it had no problem with the shoulder and there was no indication that there was a problem with his shot There was something very noticeable in late September and early October when we started the season, "said Bryan Colangelo, president of Sixers' basketball division until Monday's game. "It was literally just a breakdown of muscle function, I do not know enough about the injury, it's very unusual in basketball, it's very complicated and complex, so there was so much unknown."

"We're not sure when it happened or how it happened, but it happened. We've seen a hard-working young man and a hard-working team that has done everything possible to get him ready for the moment, to get him back on the field and do what he does – play basketball, "Colangelo said. Fultz's recovery took longer than the Sixers originally expected last fall, but in February Fultz could not shoot more than 15 feet with sound mechanics or a well-tuned rhythm, but in recent weeks Fultz sources have intensified within the The 76ers believed that it was more likely that Fultz would be activated when the team approached to take a playoff spot, which they did on Sunday.

Brown said before the game that Fultz will serve in a backup spot In the foreseeable future, he will take over Simmons guard role and pick up about 14 minutes per game – his performance on Monday – though there is no medical limit to his game Colangelo added that the team would likely seek additional "garbage-time" opportunities. Both Brown and Colangelo were noncommittal as to whether Fultz would play a significant role in the playoffs where the Sixers will compete for the first time since 2012.

Colangelo emphasized in his pre-press press conference that he did not want to integrate Fultz The rotation would disturb the team's chemistry, which has won 18 of the last 23 games, even more than the recent takeovers of veterans Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova , Colangelo said he expects Fultz to help the '76 with the shotgun productions, an area they sometimes had problems with this season.

A week before June last year's design, the 76ers exchanged the No. 3 range for an additional draft design from either Sacramento Kings or the Los Angeles Lakers to the Boston Celtics in exchange for the No. 1 range with which they do Fultz from the University of Washington. In the NBA Summer League last July, Fultz showed lightning from the dynamic combo guard who lured the Sixers to trading, but in 76 minutes of the regular season in October, he shot only 9 for 27 out of the field with a shooting strike that appeared unfamiliar how embarrassing it was. Fultz would not play again until Monday evening.

"Just look what he's been through," Brown said. "It's ridiculous what he's been through, he understands, I understand it, that's the kind of control you get when someone says," And with the first choice in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers choose Markers Fultz. & # 39; This comes with pressure, responsibility and appreciation, it's such an untypical way of getting into professional sports, knowing what I know and seeing what I've seen and understanding how specific this one is Child from a human point of view is a good day. "

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