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Marlboro Man Bob Norris dies at the age of 90, after having reportedly never smoked

Robert "Bob" Norris, who played the legendary Marlboro Man for more than a decade in the 1960s, died at his ranch in Colorado at the age of 90.

  Norris was never a smoker suit and hat: Robert © Provided by Oath Inc.
Robert "Bob" Norris, who played the Marlboro Man, has died. (Photo: Twitter)

Norris coincidentally landed the high profile advertising campaign for the cigarette brand Philip Morris, as his son Bobby Norris told the local CBS partner KKTV. He said advertising managers had visited his father after seeing him in a newspaper photo with a famous friend with connections in Hollywood, John Wayne.

"They got out of their car, these guys in pinstripe suits, and they went up to daddy and they said," How would you like to be in advertising for Marlboro cigarettes? " Bobby Norris told the station. "He said," Well, I'm busy right now. Why do not you come back next week and if you are serious, we will talk. & # 39; "

They naturally went back and shot 2,000 photos, he said.

( The Gazette reported something different about Norris' Discovery: His ranch was chosen as the location for an ad campaign, and Norris was such an authentic cowboy that they also have him in front of the lens

Norris & # 39; s son – one of four children he met with his deceased wife of KKTV explained why his father did not play the corporate mascot he designed in the 1960s when consumers learned how cigarettes affect their health.

"The younger Norris said," One of us finally asked, "If you do not want us to smoke, why do you do cigarette advertising?" He phoned Phillip Morris and quit that day. "NPR reported in October 2002 that the Marlboro man was only used in his ad after other men who participated in his campaign had died of lung cancer, not only performing roles in local rodeo organizations, but also being one A local venue named after him.

Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers made a statement to the broadcaster:

"Not only did Bob Norris look like a cowboy, he was the real deal. T-Cross Ranch has long been the largest property owner in El Paso County, and Bob and his family have made a remarkable contribution to preserving livelihoods in the face of urban growth Bob's philanthropic donations have had a major impact on our community, including the Norris Penrose Event Center . "

The family held a public service on Friday to remember him.

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