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Marlins claim corporate citizenship in the British Virgin Islands

The Marlins are a mess. We have been saying this for months although new property should be an opportunity for things to be no mess perhaps . This week, however, the Marlins saw even more messing by arguing their corporate citizenship.

You see, the Marlins are being sued by the county they play in, thanks to the sale of the Marlins, which former owner Jeffrey Loria claimed a loss of $ 140 million despite a $ 1.2 billion sale That this loss allowed Loria to avoid his share of contractually-agreed profit sharing, an agreement that helped Loria build the new taxpayer-funded ballpark that has brought the value of the Marlins to a total of over a billion dollars.

A new owner's response to this lawsuit is to argue that local courts can not handle this case because the Marlins are actually a corporation based in the British Virgin Islands because a member of the Property claims residence there. Therefore, this is an international case that needs to be handled internationally, because the very international Marlins are only treated fairly in this way. Internationally, that's the way it is.

Let us review: the Miami Marlins sued by Miami-Dade County for an agreement between the former owner and Miami-Dade County ] who have helped fund a ballpark in Miami for the team that plays its games in Miami and actually does business from the British Virgin Islands. Someone calls Rob Manfred, the game has already been extended to a third country!

And you thought Jeffrey Loria's History of Suits while owners were something.

That's all ridiculous. If the Marlins are allowed to get away with it, it's even more ridiculous. Will they get away with it? Well, the world is an unfair place that enriches people like Jeffrey Loria and new main owner Bruce Sherman at the expense of all those who come in contact with them, so stay tuned!

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