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Marvel's Avenger: Our response to 25 minutes of gameplay – E3 2019


Thor and Hulk look much funnier than the others.

Square Enix featured Marvel's Avengers on his E3 2019 stage, but the footage offered only a glimpse of the actual gameplay. IGN attended an enhanced gameplay demo behind closed doors, where we took a closer look at Marvel's Avengers gameplay for 25 minutes.

The demo started in the same way as the E3 footage: with an attack on the Golden Gate Bridge during the A-Day celebration. Although we were not told whether this was the opening of the game, we can assume that this is the beginning or at least at an early stage. It felt a lot like a tutorial area, as there was a little time to control each hero. The gameplay automatically switched from one avenger to the next, depending on the events of the story. Here's a description of what it's like to play each avenger.

Thor's Gameplay in Marvel's Avengers

You take control of Thor first and land on the bridge to fight the armed thugs. His fighting style is reminiscent of God of War's Kratos on PS4: Thor can beat enemies with Mjolnir, toss the hammer to knock down enemies, indulge in melee combat and then recall the hammer in the midst of the combination to keep him in pain and lightning bring.

A brief pause in action gives Thor time to rescue a civilian trapped under a bus, and as he lifts the vehicle, he says something with the effect, "Do not be afraid because I'm powerful. "

At some point some protected enemies arrive and Thor triggers a massive attack in the form of a massive shockwave to knock them all down. The cherry at the top comes when Thor recharges ̵

1; as in Ragnarok – and inflicts death on the enemies, while a bolt of lightning shoots through his body and blows from the sky.

Thor looks like a true powerhouse with a variety of abilities that seem satisfying using Mjolnir and its immense strength.

(It is worth noting that it was not shown if this version of Thor can fly or not.)

Iron Man gameplay in Marvel's Avengers

Iron Man on the other hand's hand can fly. At least one of them.

The gameplay was switched to Iron Man and you are instantly hit the rails as you chase some jetpack-powered enemies through the air. Not the most exciting way to take control of the soaring Avenger.

Iron Man then lands to engage in melee combat on the ground, throwing punches and kicks. It blasts seamlessly into the air, hovering as it fires off a shooter who set up a business on a bus. Then he stays in flight to scour the remaining enemies. His big show-off move releases a massive unibeam from his chest.

While all the bells and whistles and lasers and rockets were there, the gameplay of Iron Man seemed the most limited.

Hulk Gameplay in Marvel's Avenger

At this time, massive sound cannons from enemy trucks appear and shoot Iron Man from the sky. To cope with the heavy firepower, Bruce Banner jumps out of a jet and lands as a hulk. In Hulk's gameplay, it was less about combos than about roughly knocking off enemies, as if they were nothing more than action figures. He can even pick up on enemies and use them as melee weapons or simply clamp them like a projectile.

Hulk's movement, on the other hand, is all about momentum. As the bridge begins to collapse, Hulk has to jump from one spontaneous platform to the next. Occasionally he runs through the wall to get faster and continue to blow himself up. The highlight is the landing on a group of enemies with a loud bang. Hulk's department had the purest sense of fun and was the most surprising as he turned the jade giant into a fat green prince of Persia.

Watch the trailer for Marvel's Avenger from E3 2019 below:

Captain America's Gameplay in Marvel's Avengers

The shot then changes to the helicarrier, in which Captain America is attacked by other idiots. His fight is a bit similar to the system of the Batman Arkham games and Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4, with many quick, brutal attacks that drive him from enemy to enemy across the room. Of course, there were many shots, but it was unclear how much control you have over where it's going and how it moves when it leaves Cap's hand.

Another group of protected enemies appear as before. but Cap does a quick job with them. This was a crucial moment to illustrate how different heroes would approach dealing with more advanced enemy types – should not they give Cap a harder time, as he can not just blow them away? – But it did not seem like they were more of a challenge to Cap than to Thor.

Black Widow Gameplay in Marvel's Avengers

In the final part of the demo, the controller switches to Black Widow as she sets up taskmaster Level Master. It begins with Widow jumping on Taskmaster and being taken on a wild ride as the bridge begins to explode, and as chaos appears, the other avengers appear in time to catch a falling bus full of people and otherwise avert the catastrophe. During a quick event, Black Widow beats the Taskmaster and evades his attacks.

This was the "Battle of New York" moment where most Avengers are shown in action in one go and truly selling this game gives you the experience of essentially playing through an Avengers movie. In other words, instead of the action-packed sequence that organizes the gameplay, you'll be better equipped for the highly script-driven ride, where you occasionally press a button, and respond with martial arts moves, electrified truncheons, and a set of twin pistols. She can also do her signature movement, putting her legs around his neck and knocking him down, of course. The Taskmaster can copy and counter any movement he sees, making Black Widow invisible at some point with a stealth device so they can sneak up on him and finally bring him down – can not copy what you can not see!

After Watching Someone As the mightiest avenger with an arsenal of crazy, incredible abilities, it felt a little anticlimactic to deal with a heroine who is just a normal person – even having such a cool heroine as Black Widow their selection of gadgets.

on Marvel's Avengers Gameplay

While we have not had to play ourselves yet, Marvel's Avengers definitely seem to work well when it comes to living the fantasy of fighting evil as the most famous Avengers. They can do the coolest moves and witness as they perform in a stunning cinematic way.

While the graphics were flawless during the fight, the short cutscenes did not seem so polished – Thor's hair looked particularly odd when they blew in the wind – and the Teambanter was not particularly funny or memorable. In particular, Thor stands out like a sore thumb because he speaks a lot in the original Chris Hemsworth cadence before the character of Ragnarok was excitingly and hilariously reinvented. Although this is of course a demo of a game still in progress that has not been released for nearly a year, there's still plenty of theoretical time left to improve on some of these things.

While Thor, Hulk and Iron Man were so different that they almost felt like characters from very different games. Understandably, Cap and Widow had a similar feeling, as they were melee fights in which there were no obvious superpowers. Still, it was an eventful time to see the Avengers responding to a rogue attack and do what they do best.

No indication of what kind of game this will be beyond the demo For details on progress, customization, and other elements, see. As for this demo, the initial gameplay looks solid despite some obvious flaws.

For more information about the game, see information on how the developers of the Avengers game gave hope to Hawkeye fans and what they had to say about possible Avengers / Spider-Man Game Crossover.

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