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Marvel's "Legion" "Iron Fist" "The Gifted" "Cape & Dagger" | Comic-Con 2018

Welcome to The Hollywood Reporter 's opening edition of Marvel TV Watch, a summary of all things Marvel on TV. Throughout the year, we'll highlight all the big twists, epic battles, new mysteries, thrilling castings, and everything else that happens on the Marvel series on the small screen, no matter what your network or streaming site. This week, we're in San Diego at Comic-Con to sum up all the remarkable news and moments from the Iron Fist, Cloak & Dagger, The Gifted and Legion panels ,


(Season 2 returns to Netflix in September)

The Big News: Iron Fist Season Two will come on September 7 at 1

2 pm PT with a new full stream Focus on the villains Steel Serpent and Typhoid Mary

What You Should Know: During the panel discussion, Marvel TV boss Jeph Loeb revealed the premiere date for the second season after a brief taste of the filmed new material Ballroom 20 Season 2 finds Danny Rand (Finn Jones) in the fight against the criminal element that is corrupting New York City with its kung fu championship and the ability to summon up the mighty power of the fiery Iron Fist. With Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) apparently gone, Danny has promised to get up and protect his city. But a scary conspiracy threatens his identity and he must defeat his villains to protect the city and the people he holds at his heart. Davos (Sacha Dhawan), Danny's estranged brother, returns in the second season to avenge Danny for defeating him and becoming the immortal Iron Fist. He becomes to his comic legacy Steel Serpent, Iron Fist's mortal enemy, and a first look clip showed Davos with a bright red fist taunting an epic showdown between these former friends. As for typhoid Mary, the classic Marvel villain is being shown for the first time in a live action by Alice Eve. She is considered one of the most dangerous assassins in the Marvel universe and suffers from a dissociative identity disorder. She goes from a normal, inconspicuous person to her "Typhoid Mary" or "Bloody Mary" person and becomes a deadly killer in an instant. When a fan in the audience rightly guessed Eve's mysterious figure, the actor invited him on stage to kiss him on the cheek. Sometimes it's worth being a geek!

Other Notable Panel Highlights: Fans gathered in the packed ballroom with plenty of second-season previews, including a few different battle scenes. One showed that Danny wore his typical yellow face mask from the comics, which was not on the Netflix show yet. When Danny saw that he was finally wearing that iconic look, the crowd was absolutely wild. But the panel's biggest cheer came when another sneak peek fight scene was playing, this time with Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick), who took four veteran fighters out alone. "You do not want to drive her crazy," says Henwick, laughing. "But the most exciting thing for Colleen is the daughters of the dragon, and when these two bad guys fight together, I think the fans will love them." Taken to a punk rock song, fans Misty Knight (Simone Missick) and Colleen saw a gang of girls in an exciting and joyous fighting scene that would indicate more female Marvel teams in the future … and perhaps their very own spinoff series ,


(The second season returns to Freeform in 2019.)

The Big News: Cloak & Dagger was renewed for a second season.

What You Need to Know: After the crowd in Ballroom 20 with a phone call and an answer from "Season!" "Two!" Loeb revealed at the end of the panel that Freeform's first live-action Marvel series will return for season two. "If you want something, it sometimes comes true," says Loeb. "Cloak & Dagger will return for season two, we will return to production this fall and we will be back earlier than you think." Expect the new episode to air in spring 2019. And as for the rumors about a crossover with Hulus Marvel Series Runaways, Loeb has not confirmed or denied anything. "Wait and see, I guess that's the answer," he teases. "Wait and see."

Other Notable Highlights of the Panel: During the question-and-answer section of the panel, someone asked Loeb whether Cloak & Dagger along with all the other Marvel TV series being aired or released in production, takes place in the same universe as Avengers: Infinity War is now infamous "Thanos Snap", and if so, where they all fit on the timeline. "The short answer is that the stories you see, unless stated otherwise, all occur before what is affectionately called the Thanos snapshot," says Loeb. "We will continue to be there until we find out what happened in Avengers 4 ." Avengers 4 something else happens, there are little things, Easter egg stuff, it's a common one Universe and Roxxon are in this world and elsewhere, that's the kind of stuff we really like to do, but we always want it to work within the story. "Fans on the panel also became an exclusive first Look at the season's tale of a blooper role as well as a trailer for the last two episodes of this season.


(Season two will return on Tuesday, September 25 at 8 pm at Fox.)

The Big News: Mutant Antihero Misfit Group The Morlocks Will Be Introduced in Season Two [19659006] What You Should Know: During the comic-con panel, Jamie Chung revealed the news while discussing her character Blink's second season trip. "Although she has found a normal routine with her love life, they are trying to get back on their feet with Mutant Underground," says Chung. "And the Morlocks, there's another mutant group that seems to fascinate them." In the comics, the Morlocks were a group of mutants who were driven underground because of their mutations, making it impossible to live a normal life in the real world, much to the Mutant Underground The Gifted sounds. But based on Chung's comments, the Mutant Underground is more likely to conflict with the Morlocks and the Hellfire Club.

Other notable highlights of the record: Because of the expansion of the Hellfire Club in the first season and the launch of the Morlocks in season two, executive producer Matt Nix shows that more mutants that fans recognize from the comics in this Season appear. Oh, not Wolverine, who just asked a fan during the panel. "Sure, we'll bring some funny mutants from the past," says Nix. "I would not say so much to the big movie mutants, because that's really their world, we have some funny characters right out of the comics, the deeper you read in the comics, the more you enjoy who we bring." 19659019] And with Polaris (Emma Dumont) officially joining the Hellfire Club at the end of the first season, a six-month leap in time will give birth to her in a special, mutant-run hospital room, away from her child's father Marcos (Sean Teale). "She is very, very pregnant, nine months pregnant," says Dumont. "She's struggling with Marcos, she's worried about work, mutant work is different than it is for people, she does not want to die." And her imminent motherhood could give Polaris a little more empathy for her very notorious mutant father. "Look, she's Magneto in every way and that's terrible and she hates it," says Dumont. "She hates her father, she annoys him for making sacrifices to save a people when she was a little girl, and now that she's a parent, she understands that sacrificing when you give them given that gift "Maybe her father is not such a bad guy."

Someone else who also deals with paternity issues is Marcos, who is now leaving Polaris in Mutant Underground. "He has lost things "The most important thing to him," says Teale. "The woman he loves and his unborn child are not around him and actively try to dodge him. This has to do horrible things to a man, so he's even more incessant, determined and rabid looking for the wrongs and repair of his family. [He’s] Six months older, dead and damaged, but trying to keep it together. "

As far as the baby is concerned, Polaris and Marcos are expecting to meet Kid very soon, possibly two premieres in season, but do not expect to see baby presenting any mutant powers, at least not yet." In the Marvel universe, they tend to manifest only at puberty, so it could take a while, "says Nix about the baby's latent powers, but based on who the baby's parents are, there's a very high chance That it will be one of the strongest mutants the world has ever seen.

Since Daddy Problems Seem to Be a Pattern The Gifted Reed (Stephen Moyer) will also fight with the revelation that his father successfully removed the X-gene from him when he was a child. "On a deeper level, his fate has been taken from him," says Moyer. "He will dive into his father's past to try to do that decipher what he really is, and so create more and more secrets in the family. "A brief flash in the second season of the season suggests that he may be able to release his dormant mutation if that glowing arm is an indication.


(Season 3 returns to FX in 2019)

The Big News: The Stars Teased (Focus on Teased ) What happens next after the explosive season 2 cliffhanger, as they do not know much themselves. "So I get information about Legion comes to Comic-Con and listens to the panel," joked Dan Stevens.

What You Need to Know: After this hero, David Haller (Stevens), broke the evil and became the new villain of the story, Stevens is thrilled to be able to play another layer of the intricate former protagonist of the series. While he admits to knowing "very little" about what's next, he's "excited" on his new rogue path. "Lenny [Aubrey Plaza] will obviously play a role in it," says Stevens. Syds [Rachel Keller] is a little bit crazy, but I know very little at this stage. " With David, the villain is now playing God with his powerful abilities, making the stage for his former girlfriend Sydney the new hero and protagonist of the story. "The best heroes are those who are taken by surprise, and they are certainly trapped in something that is a necessity for them, using all their strengths," says Keller. But can she accept the coat left by David? "She's so confident and knowing, so I'm excited that she's doing something so big," says Keller. "Maybe she can not handle that and maybe she fails."

Other Memorable Highlights of the Record: After an incredible 15-minute replay of season two, the cast and producers in Hall H attended the weekend's final comic-con panel. Of course, one of the biggest cheers for the dance scenes of the past few years came, and much of the entertainment was about the musical sequences on the show. Will there be another dance scene in the third season? "If it fits, we'll see," says producer Nathaniel Halpern. "That's the hard part of this show, but the great thing is that it's not getting too cozy, and if there's a new way for the dance scene, we'll definitely do it."

Like Legion blends into the larger Marvel Universe, especially the other Marvel TV shows. Loeb revealed that behind-the-scenes bureaucracy makes it difficult to connect the stories down the line. "It's different that the shows that are currently on Fox and the X-Men characters are really under their control," says Loeb. "Through our partnership with FX, we have found a way to be part of the process, the creative process, it is tremendously helpful and fun in our view, we become proud grandparents, as in all our other shows, in the end Of the day we try only to make sure that certain things we are looking for in a show, it is worthwhile, the hero is someone whom we can follow and understand and have great love for and each of these people in their own way is their own Hero and her own villain, that's why she's so popular, she feels different and is her own thing. "

But do not look for Easter eggs that belong to the other series where there are not many. "We never want to make easter eggs as if we're running an Easter egg farm," says Loeb. "We want to do things that [creator] Noah [Hawley] think is particularly good for the story, and then it's a whole political ladder, it's more like a jungle gym," with all the different networks and studios that brought the X along -Men mythology to life.


(Season Six Returns to ABC 2019)

The Big News: ABC's first Marvel series did not host a panel, but two news came from the Comic-Con weekend.

What You Need to Know: Jeff Ward has been promoted to series director. Ward plays Deke Shaw, grandson of Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge), who had just decided to travel the globe in the fifth season finale. The second message coming out of the convention this weekend is that former serial director Clark Gregg is returning to direct the first episode of season six. With Coulson seeming to have died in the fifth season finale, there is still no word on whether he will return to the camera and Marvel had no comments on what this means for his on-screen presence this season.


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