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Massachusetts man clings to the bonnet for three kilometers

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By Phil McCausland

On Friday afternoon, a street frenzy accelerated as a side-cloth made a Massachusetts man cling to the bonnet of a raging SUV for three kilometers [ThepolicetoldNBCBostonthatRichardKamrowski65hadjumpedonthehoodofawhiteInfinitiSUVbelongingtoMarkFitzgerald37afteraverbalaltercationoverasmalltrafficaccidentonInterstate90about20mileswestfromBoston

Fitzgerald apparently had enough of the confrontation of the two men after their collision and tried to drive away, but Kamrowski jumped on his hood and held on while Fitzgerald drove "for a very long distance" drove.

Although Fitzgerald accelerated his small off-road vehicle up to 70 km / h during the incident, nobody was injured. The driver was eventually stopped by others on the street, one who went so far as to aim a gun at the SUV to convince him to stop the car, NBC Boston reported.

"I thought he would run me over". Kamrowski told the NBC daughter. "I do not think he stopped, he walked fast, slow, fast and slow to force me to slip."

The police arrested both men: Fitzgerald was charged with a dangerous weapon attack, negligently operated and walked to the scene of the accident that resulted in property damage, and Kamrowsi is subjected to disorderly charges.

"I was attacked, that's it," Kamrowski told NBC Boston. "I kept telling him, 'Stop the car, stop the car' and he would not stop.

NBC Boston could not tell Fitzgerald anything about the incident as he ran in front of the camera and ran away jumping into another car and slamming the door behind him.

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