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Massive gap: Gallup measures the historical partisan difference after Trump’s approval

Ninety-one percent of Republicans surveyed in a new Gallup poll agree on how President Trump does his job.

This support drops to only 2 percent among the Democrats interviewed in the same survey.

Gallup reports that the 89-point difference between Republican and Democrat ratings for Trump is the biggest guerrilla gap they have ever measured for president approval.


In late January and early February, around the time of the impeachment proceedings and the final acquittal of the Senate, Trump had recorded gaps of 87 points in a Gallup survey.

In the new poll, the president is among 33 percent of independent voters.

The latest results come from a Gallup survey conducted June 8-30.

The president̵

7;s general approval rating is 38 percent, largely unchanged from Trump’s 39 percent approval in Gallup’s previous poll, May 28 through June 4.

In Gallup polls conducted in April and again in early May, the president approved 49 percent approval.

Gallup noted that “the drop in Trump’s job approval rate puts him in the company of George HW Bush and Jimmy Carter, the last two presidents for a tenure, who also had an approval rate below 40 percent in June of their reelection years.”

Carter voted 32 percent in the Gallup polls in June 1980, and the first President Bush registered 37 percent.


There are still four months to go before the parliamentary elections in November, which represent an eternity in campaign policy. President Harry Truman agreed 40 percent in Gallup’s June 1946 poll. Truman finally recovered, scoring a deficit against challenger Governor Thomas Dewey of New York.

Of the post-World War II presidents who won re-election for a second term, Dwight Eisenhower was 73 percent in June 1956, Richard Nixon was 58 percent in June 1972, Ronald Reagan was 54 percent in June 1984, and Bill Clinton was June 1996 at 55 percent, George W. Bush in June 2004 at 49 percent and Barack Obama in June 2012 at 46 percent.

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