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Massive moon rocks will be visible

The Maine Mineral and Gemstone Museum will show massive lunar lumps that have fallen into the earth as meteorites.

"These are lunar meteorites, they are not parts of the moon that were returned, much like the Apollo missions, but they actually fell to the ground," said Barbra Barrett, museum director, to Fox News. The museum in Bethel, Maine, is scheduled to open in late summer.

PISTOLS FROM 4.5 BILLION YEARS OF METEORITE MIGHT WON US $ 1.5 MILLION IN AN AUCTION On the lunar surface, the meteorites provide a fascinating insight into the Earth's natural satellites.

The museum, which is due to open shortly, states that the four largest lunar parts of the world will be on display here and more than the moon will be at home. The 1

0 largest natural history museums in the world combined. In total, the collection includes 40,000 gems and minerals and 6,000 meteorites. In addition to moon pieces, there are fragments of Mars and a piece of the Vesta asteroid in the museum's collection weighs, for example, 15 pounds or about 33 pounds. "The biggest piece they brought along during the Apollo missions was about 11 kilos," Barrett told Fox News, noting that the museum also has larger stones in its collection.

A small piece of an asteroid or comet is also known as a meteorite. When it enters the Earth's atmosphere, it becomes a meteor or fireball or shooting star. The boulders that touch the ground and are valuable to collectors are meteorites.


On July 20, the historic moon landing of Apollo 11 celebrated its 50th anniversary. Follow James Rogers on Twitter @jamesjrogers

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