Shawn Windsor, Chris Solari and Graham Couch of LSJ debate on Michigan State's 77-70 victory on February 24, 2019.
Chris Solari, Detroit Free Press

Matt McQuaid started the second half with a bad shot and foul on Michigan's Ignas Brazdeikis in a 3-point attempt.

Then McQuaid, Michigan State Basketball ]'s senior captain, who was plagued for insulting Michigan's Jordan Poole, stumbled straight into Tom Izzo's angry expectation of arms.

He heard an ear from his coach and arrived a few minutes later when the Spartans fell at six points behind the Wolverines.

"When I tell them, I will meet anyone who does not do what he should do. It's easy, "said Izzo late on Sunday. "What's great, if you're in coaching, if you're parents – if you do anything – is, if someone makes a mistake, can he deviate from that? Can you learn from it? "

Tom Izzo" talks "to superintendent Matt McQuaid during the Sunday game at Crisler Center. (Photo11: Gregory Shamus / Getty Images)

McQuaid responded with a Thomas Kithier layup after a time-out of 15:42, luring Poole into a foul with the firing point, which runs out for three free throws and clatters in one Playing at 3:37 to Help Springer No. 10 MSU wins a 77-70 victory over number 11 UM at the Crisler Center on Sunday.

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"I just got a stupid game," McQuaid said, finishing with 13 points, three rebounds and two assists. "I should not do that, especially as a senior. I deserve it. He came in and said to me, "You can not," especially in this kind of game and atmosphere.

"I was like" My Bad "and apologized to my teammates in the next huddle and I just tried to keep going, I was just trying to stay aggressive and if there was a game I would take advantage of it."


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The 6-foot-5 guard was still a strong defensive presence by Poole and Charles Matthews to 6:21 shooting and combined 19 points contained.

The Wolverines shot in the second half 35.7 percent.

"Boy, Matt has recovered," said Izzo. "He hit the big short sweater and guarded the rest of the way well. The defense was the difference. "

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The Big Half

McQuaid's high-ranking Kenny Goins came out hot for the Spartans He made three 3-pointers and scored 13 of 16 in the first half.

"It just seems like every shot you take will really go down," said Goins, who broke 5 of the 7 shots before making. "Unfortunately, it did not work out that way. But in the first half I just had the feeling that everything I threw on the back wall would go in. "

Kenny Goins reacts after a 3-point basket Sunday. [Photograph11: Gregory Shamus, Getty Images]

In the second half, the shot for the 6-7 striker fell as he went 1-6. However, Goins did what he does best – he eliminated nine of his eleven rebounds at halftime – and then made a critical free-throw in the decaying seconds to secure the win.

"Kenny also played a great game," said Izzo. "A rebound to which he came late was a monster rebound."

Play Injured

Kyle Ahrens played for over 22 minutes and ended up with one point, three rebounds, three steals and a block, although the back injury on Wednesday near the end of the game tightened Rutgers.

The junior striker spent most of the last eight minutes running in the tunnel trying to keep his back stretched. In the last minute, he returned briefly with a 6-second stint.

"I'm in pain, yes," said Ahrens. "I'll hurt tomorrow morning. … It is frustrating. But these guys have my back, the way I have their backs.


Aaron Henry struggled with unpleasant problems in the first half, taking his third 23 seconds into the second half.

However, the novice made a few key down the track -Stop and the pass allowed Goins to form a base jumper that allowed MSU to extend the lead to three with 9:22.

After being fouled at 7:06 on the left, the 6-6 Swingman made a few free throws 1-1 after UM had reduced the Spartans' lead to one point.

"It was a good experience," Henry said. "If you come into a game like this, you never know what will happen, I tried my feelings I felt like those fouls that I found early, and then the third in the second half. All I knew was that I had to come in and owe something to my players and seniors. So I just wanted to go in and do everything to make sure we win.

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The Spartans win first place at Wolverines and explain how they can gain momentum in the last three games of the regular season. Taken on February 24, 2019.
Chris Solari, Detroit Free Press