Free Press Detroit Lions author Dave Birkett responds to the team's moves on Tuesday, October 22, 2019.
Dave Birkett, Detroit Free Press

For four and a half years, they were one of the most prolific holdings in the NFL. It's clear that Golden Tate and Matthew Stafford are still very much in love.

In his first season with the New York Giants, Tate said in a television interview this summer that Stafford was "the best quarterback I played with. "And he doubled that remark in an interview with the Free Press early in the fall."

"Yes, I have some flaws (because I said that), but (shit) everyone," Tate said Devil with them I do not care That's my opinion I may have my opinion on that. "


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Tate won a Super Bowl, of course when she played with Russell Wilson along with the Seattle Seahawks, and spent part of the past year catching passes from Carson Wentz after the Lions sent him to the Philadelphia Eagles at the close.

Lions most prolific recipient at the time Tate and the Lions were in talks deepening a contract extension last October, but disagreeing on the structure of the deal – Tate got 416 passes during his time in Detroit 4,741 yards.

He said he sees Stafford as the best quarterback he has played with, due to his natural abilities and his statistical data dominance.

"Look at his statistics and then the teams' records," Tate said. "Like, you look at the stats he and Calvin (Johnson) had before I came along, or what we've achieved, and I think that guy got a playoff level year after year, I believe in his Career that he did not have enough guns or other people was the problem I do not want to sell anyone, but I just think if you throw Stafford in New Orleans or Green Bay now, or back when they had all these incredible players, I think That's my opinion.

"That's nothing against Russell Wilson, because Russell Wilson is also a great quarterback and plays and he's good for this organization." But you're talking about one there are no litter he can not make and the guy (just) throws you in. His ball placement is unbelievable, there were times when I thought, "Ah (shot ), I am "and he threw it to me and it was low and outside where only I can play it. That's pretty incredible when you have 10 other guys who are following you and trying to kick you out (crap). " [Inside Matthew Stafford’s record climb to 40,000 yards and his place in NFL history]

Stafford, who has completed more passes for Tate than any other player in his career, said Tate is the type of reliable veteran who can bring young Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. Jones, No. 6 in the April Draft, will make his sixth career start on Sunday at Ford Field, and he has already found a simple connection to Tate. He completed 15 passes to the 31-year-old receiver for 195 yards and a touchdown over the past three weeks.

Tate did not contest the first four games of the season as she was suspended for breaching the NFL's performance enhancing drug policy (Tate said in August that he had taken a fertility drug prescribed medication).

"He's a guy who can quickly turn a short one into a long one. It's nice to be a quarterback, throwing an 8-yard pass every two or three games for 40," said Stafford. "That feels pretty good. It brings a bit of wind in the sails.

Tate, who was one of the front runners in the yards every year during his time in Detroit after being caught, said Stafford was one of the reasons he was so good in the category.

"Honestly, part of me, I think, is the YAC King or so good at YAC on Stafford because he brings the ball to you so fast that you have time to decipher the defense or whatever angle they take and then you can do the game, "Tate said. "As you can see the statistics, Stafford and I really enjoyed playing together."

Chicago Bears defends himself against Philadelphia with Sherrick McManis Eagles receiver Golden Tate during the NFC wildcard playoff game at Soldier Field in Chicago on January 6, 2019. (Photo: Tannen Maury, EPA-EFE / REX)

Although the production of Tate followed immediately After trailing last year's trade, he helped Philadelphia reach the playoffs with 30 catches in eight games, scoring the game-changing touchdown in the Eagles' Wildcard victory against the Chicago Bears.

This year, Lions coach Matt Patricia said Tate looks like the same player who was so hard to hide in Detroit, and that he's doing even more in New York since returning to Punts.

"There are definitely some things on tape you see that are still explosive, what they do with it," said Patricia. "He got the vertical against New England, but it's still very similar, just run really good after catching, open, catch the ball, and extremely hard to tackle in. I mean, he has to be one of the toughest in the NFL his ability to make guys miss, and his skill with the ball is really a big problem. "

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