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Maybe this is the release date of Super Mario Maker 2, maybe it is not

But probably it is

When will Super Mario Maker 2 be released? We do not know it. But Nintendo knows it and dealers may know. Because of the slipping of the latter, we could actually have a pretty good idea.

The YouTube channel GameXplain reports that Amazon UK has sent emails to customers who have pre-ordered Super Mario Maker 2 to be delivered to them on June 14th. That seems completely plausible. June 14th is a Friday in the not too distant future.

When it comes to incorrect information, it is suspiciously certain misinformation. Wildcard data is usually specified as something inaccurate, such as December 31st. This is not the case. This is more likely to happen if someone sends pre-classified information by e-mail. Nintendo has already confirmed that it will launch in June, so the puzzle pieces fit.

I'm not saying Super Mario Maker 2 will definitely be released on June 1

4, but I say there is a good chance this is going to happen. Dealer leaks are not infallible, but they have a surprisingly good track record. Call it a 70 percent chance. And if it's wrong, you can not remember this post anyway.

RUMOR: Super Mario Maker 2 launch on June 14, according to Amazon UK [GameXplain]

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