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Mayor Eric Garcetti opposes an offer from the president

LOS ANGELES – Eric M. Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, who has served two terms and flirted with a higher office in the last two years, lifting the country across the Democratic Party, he said that he does not run for his party candidate nomination for president.

Mr. Garcetti spent the better part of two years saying he was actively considering running for president, but said Tuesday he would continue his work in Los Angeles.

"I feel deeply in this work," he told a news conference. "The truth is right in front of me. The work is in front of me. "

Mr. Garcetti would have joined a crowded and growing field of Democratic presidential candidates – including his native Senator, Kamala Harris – and would have had to deal with long-term opportunities. No seated mayor has ever been elected president.

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The mayor praised Ms. Harris and said he was "proud" and "excited" about her candidacy; He did not make any notes. He also had good words for several Democrats who are now considering bids for 2020: He said Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey was a longtime good friend and called former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg a "good friend and mentor". ,

When asked if he was considering a vice-presidential candidate, he said, "I think I have a better job than that."

Mr. Garcetti, 47, is a former Rhodes scholar who spent much of his working life in the city administration. He reflects the diversity of the city, which he leads with Italian, Jewish and Mexican roots. In a city with a majority of Latino, Mr Garcetti, when speaking publicly, often switches between English and Spanish. He grew up as the son of a prominent civil servant in the city – his father Gil Garcetti is a former prosecutor who became known as a prosecutor, the O.J. Simpson trial.

Mr. Garcetti, along with other leaders in a state that has become increasingly liberal, has touted Los Angeles – and California – as a counterweight to President Trump's agenda and given him a national profile he could pint with making him a viable national candidate. He has taken on the role of Los Angeles as a haven for the protection of undocumented immigrants from the federal immigration authorities, and has sought to shape the Democratic Party's agenda by advocating for more liberal political goals.

End of 2017 in an interview with The New York At times when he was already thinking of running for president, Garcetti described himself as a member of the "impatient next generation" of Democratic leaders.

Despite his appointment as a Democrat candidate, he has few important accomplishments as mayor of Los Angeles, a notoriously decentralized place where the mayor has less power than in other major cities. However, he reached a peak after contributing in 19459007 to an agreement to end the recent teacher strike in the country's second-largest school district. He was also referred to the expansion of public transport and helped to secure the 2028 Olympic Games for Los Angeles.

However, he had presided over the city at a time when homelessness skyrocketed. While Mr Garcetti succeeds in persuading voters to take an electoral measure to build homes for the homeless, tens of thousands are still living on the streets of the city.

Tents seem to have appeared everywhere – under highways, in parks, on street corners. When he considered whether to run for the presidency, the ease with which an adversary could film dystopian scenes from the streets of Los Angeles in campaign ads was viewed by some as a deterrent to running.

At his press conference, Mr. Garcetti He repeatedly emphasized his desire to continue working on his goals for Los Angeles.

"Here I wanted to be," he said. "This city deserves my attention."

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