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McCabe lawyers encounter a dispute with the DOJ over the jury's leak

A member of McCabe's legal department has blown up the Ministry of Justice on Thursday in the message of a possible charge, having classified the investigation of the former deputy director of FBI as "fatally flawed" and demanded investigation of possible leaks of the Grand jury.

McCabe was fired from the office last year for allegedly misleading investigators about his permission to share information with the media.

His lawyers Michael Bromwich and David Schertler said they had spent the past week soliciting replies from the DOJ, claiming they had not received any information, despite what they found to be excitement. Inaccurate leaks on the disks.

Bromwich and Schertler call for an investigation of the leaks as well as an investigation into the public announcement of an e-mail they received from Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen McCabe had been denied. The prosecutor's office, which was investigating the case, recommended indictment, and McCabe's legal department appealed against Rose's decision, which refused.

McCabe's lawyers said Thursday that more than a dozen reporters told them on September 1

1 that a large jury was called and that McCabe was expected to be charged that day and that it would happen the next day.

"The reporters could only have obtained this information from Justice Department personnel or the US Attorney's Office, and such leaks are prohibited under the Grand Jury's secrecy rules," McCabe's lawyers claimed.

Reporters told them that the grand jury the next day voted not to prosecute McCabe, even though they "have no idea if this is accurate information."

McCabe's lawyers said the DOJ sent them an e-mail shortly after noon on Sept.. 12 The DOJ rejected the indictment and the content of this e-mail was forwarded to the media within half an hour.

"These leaks, which violate the DOJ guidelines, are particularly ironic, since the entire predicate is responsible for false statements. That could be brought against our client if a authorized disclosure of information, the McCabe's lawyers Inspector General published a report detailing several instances in which McCabe was "insincere" with then-FBI director James Comey and the investigators. Investigation of the Clinton Foundation, "in an attempt to do well".

The DOJ did not immediately return the request of the Washington Examiner for comment.

"The little information we have comes from the news media," McCabe's lawyers said. "So the department we've been serving for decades should not do an investigation like this."

McCabe's lawyers asked the DOJ to complete the investigation.

However, Horowitz's report concluded that "the evidence is substantial," which McCabe "knowingly and deliberately" misled, and DOJ's watchdog stood by the conclusions of his report as he spoke on Wednesday the House Oversight Committee said.

McCabe was also likely investigated by Horowitz as part of his investigation of allegations of abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

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