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McCaskill warns Dems against "cheap" rhetoric; says GOP senators privately believe that Trump is "crazy."

McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat in office after losing his candidacy for a third term in the Senate in recent days, told CNN in a lengthy interview that her party must focus on genuine issues Independent and White Voters of the working class – not political ideas, such as a college without lessons, which have little chance of becoming a law. Their concern: voters become cynical after hearing electoral promises that never go anywhere, and encouraging forces like President Donald Trump to scold Washington for failing promises, as he did in 2016.

Democrats should be cautious in the face of advancement politicians like 29-year-old Ocasio-Cortez, who defeated a Democratic leader, Joe Crowley, at their headquarters and swore profound changes in politics.

"I do not know them," McCaskill said when asked "You think Ocasio-Cortez is a crazy democrat," as he'd betrayed her in the election campaign. "I'm a bit confused as to why she's the thing, but it's a good example of what I'm talking about, a shiny new object that came out of nowhere and surprised people when she beat a very seasoned congressman. "

McCaskill added, "And so she has been talking a lot now, I'm not sure what she did to create that kind of excitement, but I wish her all the best, I hope she hangs the moon. "

"But I hope she also notes that the parts of the country that oppose the Democratic Party, as well as many white working-class people, need to know how their work is respected and what the dignity of their jobs is and how we can really do it Stay with problems where we can actually achieve something. "

And she concluded:" The rhetoric is cheap, and getting outcomes is much more difficult. "

In the interview, the dull Missouri Democrat talked about losing her election Republican Josh Hawley ̵

1; a political freshman she also described as a "brightly shining object." Also for the Republican party there were no swearing words.

While warning that the story "will severely punish some of my colleagues, they have not resisted the rule of law at some moments when he was particularly angry about the president," she also said that GOP senators are private have conceded that they can not speak out against Trump because they would have a repercussion from their base.

"Now tell them if they are just the two They are:" The guy is crazy, he has no idea about the problems, he makes ill-considered decisions, he does not listen to people who are familiar with the subject "she said," but in public when they are chasing him. They know they are getting elementary school, and they know it's hard. She declined to single out idealistic Republicans, but when she was asked about Sen. Lindsey Graham and the South Carolina Republican alliance with Trump, she said, "It's kind of funny to me, I do not know "What happened to Lindsey."

"This is Donald Trump Republican Party," McCaskill said. "Do not fool yourself."

As she settled in her seat in the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Lecture Hall, where she served as a Democrat with rank, she said about Trump, "I mean, he's almost the master." I'm going to do so many things that are crazy, that no one thinks crazy anymore. ""

An example, quoted it was, above all, when rapper Kanye West in the Oval Office stomped out on a wild, profaned tirade – all in front of the television cameras.

"I mean, Kanye West was on the Oval Office MF channel on live TV," McCaskill said, seemingly perplexed. "I mean, think about it, this is weird funny, can you imagine that would have happened if it had happened in Obama's years? … The lid would have thrown that place away."

She added, "I think Fox News Channel would have been in a kind of spontaneous burn if that happened (during Obama's years) but it happens under Trump and it's like another day in the office Some of the craziest stuff he says and does is not that conspicuous because there's so much of it. "

In Missouri, Trump's cheeky style and popularity with conservative voters helped McCaskill. He hosted several campaign events for Hawley, attacking McCaskill and throwing them out of balance with more mainstream voters as far-left liberals.

"He camped so many times in Missouri for the last 30 days that I built a Golf course," McCaskill said.

In 2006, she won a win over former Sen. Jim Talent, who helps Democrats take control of the Senate – and when President Barack Obama lost his state by 10 points in 2012, she won a victory to a great extent due to the controversy of her republican opponent Todd Akin, whose campaign imploded as he downplayed the pregnancies caused by rape.

This time she saw a 38-year-old, Republican Republican with little political experience – something Hawley used against 65-year-old McCaskill, who had nearly tried to be four decades in politics.

"In most careers and careers, the more experience you have, the better off you are for the people you work for, not in politics," McCaskill said. "There was a feeling she might have been around long enough."

What turned on McCaskill's view of the turnaround was the raging battle over Brett Kavanaugh's appointment to the Supreme Court. Trump's one-hour rhetoric against migrant caravans approaching the southern border only added and said it was "whipped cream and cherry on the ice" to drive the GOP stake.

But she claimed that was the case The fight for Kavanaugh, against which she voted, finally killed her.

Asked if she thought she had won re-election if there had not been a vacancy at the Supreme Court, she said, "I think it would have been much more likely."

As one of the country's most vulnerable Senate Democrats, McCaskill was the subject of a furious attack by GOP out-groups – a Super PAC with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Asked about her views on McConnell, she said she believes that "every decision" made by the GOP leader is based on helping Republican senators.

"He is a very, very political leader," McCaskill said about McConnell. "This is not someone loitering at night and figuring out how to get the needle moving on really important political issues, someone who finds out how to win elections and beat Democrats like me."

As Her Senate term is over, McCaskill vowed to "never" become a lobbyist, but said she would now "shut her mouth" in her next work collection. She said she was not waiting to use her mouth now to advise her party when candidates for Trump would be in 2020.

"Donald Trump was partially elected because there was such a cynicism that we can not achieve anything here, and the way you do things here is through reasonable negotiation and compromise," McCaskill said about the 2020 race "Someone who talks about going in that direction is the one who can win places like Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and maybe even a contest in a place like Missouri."

Asked if her colleague, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who McCaskill weighs a run in the White House, could win in these states, said: "I do not know, I think it's hard."

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