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McDonald & # 39; s customers complain about paying cheese on burgers

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (RNN) – Two McDonald's Florida customers sue the fast food chain for at least $ 5 million after paying cheese for their quarter pounder sandwiches they do not want According to a class action lawsuit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on May 8, federal courts Cynthia Kissner and Leonard Werner say they "suffered an injury" because they were "overstrained and had to pay for cheese … which they did not want and did not get, "the Miami Herald reports. Filed by attorney Andrew Lavin, the lawsuit says McDonalds used to sell both Quarter Pounders and Double Quarter Pounders with and without cheese.

The sandwiches with cheese cost about 30 to 90 cents more than without.

McDonald's has since stopped "showing these products separately for purchase on the menu," states the lawsuit, which claims only the Quarter Pounder with cheese and the Double Quarter Pounder cheese are listed as available.

Kissner and Werner say that they have to pay the price of the sandwich with cheese if they want it without cheese.

The lawsuit alleges "McDonald's is enriched by these unfairly practices because it receives payment for cheese that it does not deliver to its customers," according to the Miami Herald.

In addition, Lavin says customers using the McDonalds Mobile App can still buy a Quarter Pounder without cheese ̵

1; for the cheaper price – but for physical restaurants, the option is not available.

Because of the two options – one with cheese and the other without – Lavin says that the cheese is clearly something "added to the base product". The lawsuit also notes the sandwich was registered in 1975 with no cheese in the ingredients, according to USA Today.

"That's why they should not be forced to pay for cheese if they do not want it, especially if they want to offer it in a different way," Lavin said.

The lawsuit misleads the situation, reports USA Today.

McDonald's said in an email to USA Today that the company "did not legally endorse the allegations in this lawsuit."

"The announced Quarter Pounder burger comes with cheese To fulfill the wishes of our customers by allowing them to adjust their orders, such as a Quarter Pounder without cheese, "the company said.

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