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McDonald's just announced a shocking policy change that affects every customer

Absurdly Driven looks at the business world with a skeptical eye and a firmly anchored tongue in the cheek.

The fast food business promotes quick thinking.

The competitors are quickly strategically aligned to gain that extra margin, the chance to bite a tiny bite out of their rivals.

This leads them slightly in one direction and then in the opposite direction.

Maybe you should not be surprised when McDonalds suddenly decided it was not quite as chic as it was promised.

McDonalds said in an announcement that matter-of-factly that it appeared as though the facts did not matter, McDonalds said there was "a new, new Quarter Pounder lineup."

That sounds uplifting, right?

with actually served customers, fresh beef is not frozen but popular.

McDonald's decided to start his announcement with a summary of his new achievements:

Our customers have said that they love our fresh beef. With our new Quarter Pounder Deluxe and Quarter Pounder Bacon, we have now created even more opportunities to enjoy the classic burger toppings they know and love, now with the fresh beef quarter pound.

They knew there was bad news. The only question was what it would be.

In just a few more lines with PR-sanitized words, the company admitted:

Because of their feedback, we will remove ourselves from the Signature Crafted Recipes line on our national page menu.

When companies insist that their customers insist on change, there's always a moment's pause. Did the customers really insist? Or did the CFO have a way out?

If you had not tried McDonald's upscale, artisanal recipes, these were fame as the mushroom and the Swiss burger, the double mushroom and the Swiss burger as well as the mushroom and the Swiss buttermilk crunchy chicken. And of course the Bacon Smokehouse Burger.

When they were introduced two years ago, some might have suspected that McDonald's was upscale. Or at least embrace an upscale element.

Now it seems that it is forced to return to its harder nose roots.

Back then, it used phrases that would not disappoint the most cynical PR staff:

We simplify what's served after midnight so customers can get the most popular favorites as quickly as possible.

Of course, it was about serving the most popular items faster.

Now, however, it seems that the part after midnight was just a ruse for big, bad people.

Maybe you should not complain.

It may be true that the classic driving experiment simply did not inspire McDonald's regular customers.

It could also be that the company overshadows the strategic upper seasons Shake Shack.

McDonalds, with Burger King in front of McDonalds in founding a veggie burger ̵

1; The Impossible Whopper, understands that he wants to simplify at least some things to cope with competitive pressures.

However, one can not help but believe that a standard fare based on the Quarter Pounder allows the chain to raise speed limits at the transit and restaurants, and that's the point. [19659004] Strategic changes are often not easy. You need both employees and customers on your side.

Are there enough fans of Signature Crafted who are ready to protest?

The next few weeks could reveal the truth.

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