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McKayla Maroney speaks publicly for the first time since Nassar's abuse case

"I was not heard, cared for or believed, and all these things must be eradicated from society, because something went wrong there," she said.

Maroney, now 22, won gold and silver at the 2012 Olympics as part of the USA Gymnastics Team, known as "Fierce Five."

But this success came at a price. Nassar, the American gymnastics doctor, began to abuse her when she was 13 years old. The maltreatment continued at the Olympics and did not stop until she left the sport, Maroney said last year.

"I Wore That Secret"

She said she talked about her experiences in October during the #Metoo movement and broke away from her shoulders.

"In a sense, fear has changed to fearlessness when I knew it would help so many people," she said. "I carried this secret around with me, a lot of people say it's capable of speaking, and that's really it."

In her remarks, Maroney also beat USA Gymnastics, the US Olympic Committee, and Michigan State University for protecting Nassar for so long.

"My team won gold medals despite" USA Gymnastics and the Olympic Committee, Maroney said. "They do not build champions, they break them, but we'll change that."

Her gymnastics teammates Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas and Jordyn Wieber have also said Nassar abused her in his role in the team.

  The Consequences of Larry Nassar's Sexual Abuse Begin Only
Nassar, 54, pleaded guilty in federal and state courts for being charged with child pornography and criminal sexual abuse Behavior. As part of his guilty plea, he admitted to using his power as a trusted physician to sexually abuse young girls under the pretext of medical treatment. He is currently in federal prison and is serving a 60-year prison sentence.
Nearly 200 girls and women in his criminal cases in Michigan have remarkably talked about what Nassar did and how his abuse affected their lives. A statement written by Maroney on the effects of victims was read in court, but it did not appear personally. Dozens of these statements accused the US High School, the Olympic Committee, and Michigan State University, where Nassar worked, of allowing his abuses and his dismissal to appeal complaints against him against young women

Maroney said it was valuable to those statements and statements Hear others in the #Metoo movement.

"In everything I went through, it was almost impossible to believe it had happened to me, and I have to listen almost over and over again to accept it," she said.

The organizations have denied legal misconduct, and law enforcement investigators have begun to work to see how the abuse lasted so long.

"USAG, MSU and USOC continued to look away to protect their reputation, all that mattered to them was money, medals and it did not seem to be anything else," Maroney said. "They demanded excellency from me, but they could not give it to us."

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