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Measles outbreak: The spread in New York

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In Williamsburg 161 cases were confirmed; There were 47 in Borough Park. The remaining cases were in Brooklyn's Midwood, Marine Park, Bensonhurst and Brighton Beach, and Flushing, Queens.

Measles in Rockland County [19659008] The county, which lies north of New York City and has more than 300,000 residents, had 155 confirmed cases, according to its Department of Health.

Are these cases related? [19659008] The eruption in both places has particularly affected ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities and is associated with travelers who brought measles from Israel where the disease spreads.

Lower vaccination rates and vaccine information are also contributing to the wave of cases, public officials say.

What exactly are measles?

Measles are among the most contagious infectious diseases. In 2017, 110,000 people were killed worldwide, especially children under the age of five.

In some cases, measles can lead to pneumonia, permanent deafness and brain damage.

What are the symptoms?

People can not show symptoms for up to two weeks after infection.

The signs of measles may initially appear benign – moderate fever, cough, sore throat or runny nose. Later, a fever can reach 104 or 105 degrees, and the tell-tale red spots may appear on the skin.

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