It was not long before the young marijuana industry in Illinois prepared to go on the market, which was opened by a new law allowing patients to opt for opium herb in some medical conditions.

Cresco Labs launched an awareness campaign around the options that will be opened by the new legislation on Wednesday, just one day after Governor Bruce Rauner has signed the alternatives to the Opioids Act.

Its centerpiece: a snack vending machine located on the proverbial front-end of the Thompson Center in downtown Chicago, Illinois, home away from home.

Although the pill bottles in the vending machine were labeled with the names of opioid drugs and marijuana strains, they contained none. Instead, every piece of paper.


"WHO SAYS EPIDEMY IS OUR ONLY CHOICE? If you're in pain, opioid prescriptions are the norm, addiction is the norm, overdose is the norm, so it was, but we do not have to accept it. Opioid patients deserve an alternative: medical cannabis, "it said in every newspaper.

The Crescolabs Opioid Prescription Exchange (COPE) campaign was developed by Chicago-based advertising firm Tom, Dick and Harry.

"This campaign was developed as several states – not just Illinois, but New York, Pennsylvania – have introduced similar laws to give more people access to medical cannabis, which in one way or another, suffers pain usually use opiates as a pain moderator, "said Cresco President Joe Caltabiano. "We gave people alternatives to opiates, which we took to be a logical step."