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Meet Narwal, the unicorn puppy with a tail growing out of his forehead

Yes, his forehead. No, it does not wag. And, fittingly, his name is Narwhal.

Well, his full name is "Narwal, the little magic furry unicorn," according to the nonprofit dog rescue organization Mac's mission, which picked him up after being discovered last Saturday. He was found in the freezing season, with apparent frostbite on one paw.

Unlike a real narwhal, which has a protruding canine resembling a tusk, the tail on Narwal's forehead is short and dull, sprouting right between his eyes – and flopping from side to side as he plays. He also has a normal cock, this one is just extra.

The staff of Mac & # 39; s mission, which specialize in dogs with special needs who have been abused or born with errors, say he recovers quickly by curing frostbite.

"He seems to be perfectly healthy, except for a few normal puppy worms, for which he got medication," the organization said in a Facebook post.

Veterinarians did x-ray scans showing that the tail was unconnected. As far as you can tell, it has no real use, but it does not cause any pain and there is no medical reason to remove it, so the frontal tail is here to stay. "The unicorn's face tail does not disturb narwhale and it never slows down like any normal puppy," it says in the Facebook post.

  Narwhal is 1[ads1]0 weeks old and recovers with a paw of frostbite.

He was found with another dog from which rescue workers speculate that he might be his father. This older dog, named Poppa Smurf, is a mix of Dasch and Terrier – so they assume that Narwhal has Daschund too.

It's unclear what happened to them before they were discovered, but a spokesperson for Mac's mission told CNN Narwhal that he came from Midwestern Missouri rural areas and likes to play – and now he has thousands of fans online after his special cock has catapulted him into the internet.

The onslaught of online attention was "crazy," the spokesman said, adding that employees "feel like they're in a dream".

He's not ready for adoption yet, Mac's mission said online – but that did not stop Narwhal's fans from wanting to bring him home. The organization has already received over 50 adoption applications for him, a spokesperson told CNN.

Narwhal is likely to be admitted as soon as he is older and has gone through more medical procedures such as vaccinations. The staff say that they also want to monitor their unicorn horn a little longer to make sure it does not grow or become a problem, as do the other available dogs! "

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