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Meet the new prince Philip the Crown

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The Crown has her new Prince Philip, Netflix on Wednesday Vanity Fair [19659003] Tobias Menzies, at best known for playing Edmure Tully on the Game of Thrones and both Frank Randall and Blackjack Randall at Outlander, where Matt Smith becomes famous third and fourth season of show the real royal house played.

The cast comes two months later Paul Bettany bowed out of consideration for the part due to the time required to film the drama of the sweeping period in the UK

In a conversation with Vanity Fair Casting Director by the Crown Nina Gold Explained Why Casting The third season of the period drama – which spans ten years – was particularly challenging.

"We're not just throwing real-life characters," said Gold, who cast Tully on Game of Thrones "but as we approach today, many of these people are very much alive we honor them by choosing the right actor to play them – while we connect the actors who played these characters in the first few seasons. "

Earlier this week, Menzies indicated he was not sure Whether It Would Be Back to Game of Thrones, Digital Spy says that his character is "obviously in a jail somewhere, he's still alive somewhere." , , I feel like they have so many stories to tell if this is a story they want to return to, I do not know. "

On Wednesday, Menzies Outlander co-star Caitriona Balfe celebrated the casting of tweeted the first report along with the message" Congratulations darling. So excited for you and so excited to see that !!!

Last Autumn, The Crown cast Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II Claire Foy, The Queen Elizabeth played during the first two seasons joked that viewers will quickly forget the original cast.

"You'll forget all about me and the rest of the cast," Foy joked in December. "You become like," Who are they? " # 39; We're the warm-up action. "

Deadline reports that Menzies has" signed for the next two seasons and is shooting in the UK this summer "[19659014] The third season of the Crown will be recorded in the 1970s and introduces Camilla Parker Bowles then to Camilla Shand, who met Prince Charles at a 1971 polo match The New Season of the Crown Nina Gold, annoyed that Philip and Elizabeth's eldest children, Charles and Anne, will have larger roles than they did in the early seasons.

"Charles, Camilla and Anne will be quite interesting characters whom they will follow for they Gold comes in. "We've been broadcasting a pretty wide web for these new, young characters."

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