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Megan Anderson beats TUF featherweights that want to drop 135 in UFC

Megan Anderson has a huge fight at UFC 232. She faces veteran Cat Zingano in Las Vegas on December 29, a battle that has a big impact on featherweight. The co-main event of the UFC 232 has the winner weight Cris Cyborg, who defended in a super fight against the bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes.

But while UFC 232 should be a celebration and pivotal moment for the 145-pound division, Anderson has accepted the harsh reality. She told MMA Fighting that she really does not know where the division will go from here, even with those two high-profile fights on the list.

"This division is in the air right now, I'm just going to fight," Anderson said. "For who knows what's going to happen?"

Anderson (8-3) is one of the few true 1

45-pound fighters in the squad. In June, she lost a unanimous decision-making loss to Holly Holm on the UFC 225. A win there would have prepared her for a later date against Cyborg for the title, a fight she had booked for as she had before. But if she defeats Zingano, Anderson says she's not really sure what that will mean.

Apart from Cyborg and Anderson, the wardrobe is mostly featherweight. Zingano and Nunes are Bantamweights. So was Holm, who made it clear that she expected a future at 135 pounds, where she is the former champion. Anderson, who is 6 feet 1 tall and like Cyborg has a hard weight on 145, has no chance of going bantamweight.

The solution to this problem should be The Ultimate Fighter 28, which was packaged earlier this month. At TUF 28 heavyweights and women in fighter weight were featherweight. It seemed that the UFC, which does not even submit an official ranking for the division, would finally be serious about completing the 145-pound weight class.

In Anderson's view, this did not quite impress what some people think. There are several seasonal "featherweights" that are now calling for Bantamweights in the UFC for their next bouts. TUF 28 winner Macy Chiasson will next fight bantamweight, this week's Las Vegas Review Journal. That fueled Anderson.

"It's just one of those things that just annoys me," Anderson said. "I do not know, if you want to be in the UFC at 135 pounds, just come out and say it. Do not play this bullshit with 'Oh, I'll fight for 145 if they want me." No, let's go Honestly, you do not want to fight with 145. That's why instead of fighting 145 pounds and fighting for fights, you're calling now with 135. If you really wanted to fight in this weight class, you would ask for it in this weight class But you're not, so let's be real here You do not really want to be in that weight class So the ultimate point of The Ultimate Fighter for the 145 pound division was shit, because none of you are in that weight distribution They just want to go down and think it would be a straightforward way in [to the UFC]. "

Anderson, 28, said she does not understand the excuse some fighters give because they will not multiply in a short time h want to be reduced to 135 for TUF because it should not be a 135-pound season. TUF 28 should be for women's weights.

"What angers me is their reasons, like," Oh, I can not weigh 135 pounds three or three times in five weeks, "Anderson said." Well, they did not actually have a bantamweight season, what are you talking about? "It's not that you've gone up to 145 because you've had a bantamweight season and you could not lose weight, you did not do that at all, it was designed specifically to build the 145-pound division, which is what You get when you use Bantamweights in a season when you do not really want to struggle with that weight, but just want to get into the UFC at 135. Be honest, that's what happens. "

Anderson said she believes Not that the UFC wants to seriously build the 145-pound division because there was almost no news that the promotion signed most of the fighters of the season. "Australian-born Anderson said she was against UFC Adelaide The fighters coming out of the show were called, but the UFC told them that they had no "suitable opponent" for this card.

"Otherwise," I would sign people, and they're not, "Anderson said, in response to why she does not think the UFC is trying to fill the division. "That puts someone like me in a really interesting position, because it's like, what am I doing? I want to be in the UFC and I want to fight. I'm not one of those people who can drop 145 pounds.

"Sign the featherweights in Invicta. Sign the featherweights that are not in Bellator. F * cking sign each.

Macy Chiasson won the featherweight women's TUF-28 season and beat Pannie Kianzad in the second round of the TUF 28 final earlier this month. She is a true 145 pound fighter and even fought as an amateur at 155 years old. But she only has three professional fights, Anderson said, and it will be hard to make her agree with anyone if the division is so meager.

"How do you want to build someone like her?" Said Anderson. "You can not simply accuse them of someone like [Cyborg] or something like that. She is 3-0. Would a commission even sanction this fight? The experience and number of fights differ considerably. What do you do?

Anderson is not necessarily angry with the UFC. She wants to fight for promotion, and she is grateful that she stayed in a tough time last year when she had to retire from the fight with Cyborg. Anderson also believes that one problem with their division is that nobody else wants to bring the UFC to it, just as Ronda Rousey once did for all women's fighters.

wants to fuck the market itself, "said Anderson. "It's not just about fighting anymore. You have to play the game. It's about being marketable, it's about being able to advertise. You can not expect a business to promote you and build your brand if you do not want to do it yourself. I think that's also a big topic in the division. You have to get people to see how you fight. You have to make yourself interesting, you have to stand out. If you do not want that, you will be left behind and you will not get a chance. "

Anderson has no idea what the future will bring after the UFC 232. All she knows is that a good show against Zingano just helps her cause.

"We have like three people from the Ultimate Fighter season who want to have fights at 135 pounds," Anderson said. "I have no idea what they are doing. Whatever happens next happens next and we will come to that. Really that everything depends on my performance on December 29th. "

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