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Meghan and Harry travel to Africa with Baby Archie: 8 things to look for

The journey offers the couple the opportunity to present the reasons they are heavily involved in, as well as to develop and deepen various existing relationships between the UK and Africa.

. 1 Waiting for Archie

So far, few pictures have been shared by Baby Archie, but we expect him to appear on his first official engagement in South Africa.

When and where depends on how he feels and whether his parents feel ready.

When he appears, you call a collective, "Is not he up to it?" followed by detailed consideration of whether he is reaching for his mother or father.

. 2 All eyes on the Duchess

  While Meghan has previously visited the region, the tour is her first trip to South Africa.

We still do not know how much of Meghan we'll see in South Africa, as Prince Harry continues to travel to Botswana, Angola and Malawi. She's never been to South Africa, but she's sure to realize that everything she does on such a high-profile visit speaks to her royal brand. Commentators will think about how it shows itself and – yes – what it carries.

. 3 The couple's passions

  Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, visits the

Royals express what they passionately engage for support and the way in which they plunge into relevant engagements.

Each time we see a little more about the couple when we see them, we will look for comments they make along the way. What they highlight shows how they want to continue their public roles.

. 4 In honor of Diana

  Diana, wearing a body armor and visor, visits a minefield in 1997, cleared by the charity Halo in Huambo, Angola.

Harry has He deliberately took up much of his mother's work to continue her legacy, especially with regard to mine clearance and HIV / AIDS education.

For example, when Harry traces his mother's steps in Angola, it becomes clear how pioneering she was for her era, and we will see a clear illustration of the progress since her death.

. 5 Other Family Connections

  Princess Elizabeth arrives on February 3, 1952 at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital in Nairobi.

Harry's father, Prince Charles, and grandfather, Prince Philip, were ahead of their time in conservation issues and this will also be reflected during the tour.

The royal family is deeply rooted in the continent. Princess Elizabeth's 21st birthday speech was held from Cape Town, South Africa, where the Sussexes tour begins. She was in Kenya when she learned that her father had died and she had become queen.

. 6 Security

  Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, visits a market in Suva, Fiji on October 24, 2018.

It will be chaos, but everybody knows that. Let's see how it is handled.

Say, this will be a "high profile tour". would be an understatement. The Royal Press Pack is at full capacity with teams from London, and local media has also rushed to get accredited.

It is difficult for the organizers to enable the couple to engage freely with humans. To bring everyone to safety.

The couple's Commonwealth tour lessons last autumn were certainly drawn when they visited Australia, New Zealand, Tonga and Fiji. During the Fiji stage, a tour of an open-air market had to be stopped because Meghan had too many visitors.

Measures are being taken this time to identify some details of the couple's itinerary The place of the engagement in the community has been closed until shortly before arrival. It is also not known exactly where the family is during their journey – although it is believed that, as far as possible, it is likely to be in official homes and accommodations selected by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

. 7 The public reaction

  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reach the European premiere of the film

19659011] Older Royals always have a good turnout, but this Couple has the youth and celebrity factors in it. That makes her probably the currently most famous couple in the world.

So, how big will the crowd be? What do you like about the couple? How will social media react? Will the race become a problem again, as is often the case for the Duchess? We will find out soon.

. 8 The Unexpected

  The Royal Couple shares a moment during an engagement on Fraser Island, Australia, on October 22, 2018.

You can only expect so much from a royal tour, because the biggest moments are often the unexpected ones.

Maybe a picture, a moment or a phrase is a word that somehow swings into the distance and somehow speaks to the couple. With 10 days, four countries and more than 30 engagements ahead of us, who knows when it will come?

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