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Meghan King Edmonds talks about the affair of Jim Edmonds

Meghan King Edmonds is devastated by her husband Jim Edmond's affair.

The former 34-year-old "Real Housewives of Orange County" star announced in her blog on Friday that she has learned about the affair of former baseball star Jim "in" The Tabloids "on Thursday, as the story goes on for the first time Times was published by AllAboutTheTea.com, and she faced Jim, 48, on the phone.

"He confessed to me that he had exchanged lewd photos with this woman for several months, and there never was a physical relationship," she said. "He paid her to protect me, so I'll never find out, but here I write about it."

"Do I believe him?" She continued, "I do not know. Because I no longer trust him. Whether physically or not, he still had an affair and gave it to me.

Jim later confessed to Us Weekly that he had "a judgmental misdemeanor," but insisted again that he never had physical contact with another woman.

] "This is someone trying to profit from my name," he said in a statement. "I'm aware that she did this to others in the past."

He added that he wanted to take legal action.

But it's not enough excuse for Meghan.

"I'm a simple girl," she wrote on her blog. "I wanted a solid marriage, I'm as loyal as they come, and I wanted the vows we made when we exchanged our rings to be obeyed Now, my wedding ring symbolizes deceit, I refuse to let myself be humiliated, Marriage is hard, we have lived through our ups and downs, I've talked openly about it, one relationship needs two, but not two to cheat . "

Meghan and Jim's marital problems were seen throughout their time in" RHOC "for seasons 1

0 through 12 (2015-2017).

" I have nothing wrong with that, "she added," I deserve not that one. I have not done anything except being pregnant with our twins and trying to have a healthy pregnancy. What is so broken about him that he drives me? To us? It was not a mistake, not a misjudgment [sic]. I have seen the lyrics – everyone embodies his decision to throw our marriage in the trash. Why did he sabotage himself? And who sends nudies? Does not everybody know that better in 2019? What drives someone to destroy themselves like that? "

Her twin sons Hayes and Hart became June 5th. They also share a daughter, Aspen, 2nd.

" I do not care. My stupid massive house, I do not mind my new car, me I do not care about my diamonds. What does that mean if I can not satisfy the most basic needs? It means nothing. Smoke and mirrors, "she went on. "I love him, how can I change my feelings so quickly, how can a person decide to completely ruin me?" That's not fair, I'm so sobbing that my face hurts from the salt of my tears, I'm exhausted, my poor Children do not get their devout mother, and only 36 hours have passed. "

She also said that her son Hart has a difficult time.

"And all of this could not have come at a worse time," she said. "Again, something I did not want to share, but here I share it: We are worried that our son Hart might have a neurological disorder, these were the toughest final months of my life and we still have no answers, sometimes I leave that House, after the children have gone to bed, so I can drive around in the dark and cry ugly, without anyone there, and now I have to deal with: My only true love, which cheats on me in the most disgusting and public manner. "

Meghan then expressed her contempt for Jim and wrote, "I feel sad, oh, I feel so sad! I feel lonely, lonely, my best friend, my number one lied to me, who is he? Do I even know? "

Although she hopes her marriage will recover, she is not sure how long it will take her to heal.

"I do not blame anyone except my husband. "There are so many people with bad intentions, and it is our responsibility to ignore them and improve." A slimy person does not make another person cheat, and there are a million more slimy people who take the place of "slimy human # 1." Marriage is a choice, everyone, damn day, the days I hate him, the days I want to flee from him, on the days, where a hot guy on Instagram tempts me with travel or money, or whatever the slimy people usually do, so yes, marriage is a choice on the bad days, and on the good days, marriage is easy and beautiful, nobody said that it would be easy, I just did not think it would be that hard. "

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