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Meghan Markle and her makeup artist are closer than you think

Meghan Markle seems to settle comfortably in her role as Duchess of Sussex, and fans love every part of it. While it was previously thought that Harry's new wife was making up for royal engagements herself, it was revealed that she recently reunited with her make-up artist and close friend Daniel Martin. The two met last week, and although what they've been talking about is only between them, it's well known that Meghan has served a good selection of tea and avocado toast.

What is Daniel's nickname for Meghan Markle?

The Two seemed to enjoy catching up as Daniel released a picture of what they ate on Instagram. And while his posting fans got a glimpse of the delicious food the two ate, it revealed something even sweeter: Daniel's nickname for Meghan. So, what does the make-up artist call the Duchess? His name for her is the avocado toast whisperer. Also included in the performance were chocolate truffles for Meghan and Daniel's Pleasure.

Meghan and the Royal Lifestyle

Meghan certainly knows how to rule things when she receives a guest at Kensington Palace, and the Queen would certainly approve. Before joining the royal family, she got a lot of practice writing her lifestyle blog The Tig. There she gave the fans an insight into her own life and gave tips on healthy eating habits and habits. It seems that these tips have been translated into their new lives. The brunch was served on elegant silver plates with matching cups and a turquoise teapot. What a modern, wonderful look for the new king.

Did Daniel make the wedding for Meghan's make-up?

Fans around the world fell in love with Meghan's natural make-up look on the day she married Prince Harry and many have since attempted to replicate the look. It was elegant without being overpowering, highlighting Meghan's strong qualities and natural beauty. Meghan was unyielding that she wanted to look as natural as possible as she walked down the aisle, and most of all, she did not want her freckles to be covered. With soft eyes, minimal rouge and light pink lips, it looks like Daniel has made Meghan's desired look just right.

How has Meghan's make-up changed since becoming a king?

  Meghan Markle Meghan Markle | Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

Now that Meghan's acting days are behind her, she seems to be adjusting to a new make-up look and it suits her. We probably will not see the Duchess brave, for it is the royal protocol to wear natural make-up for royal engagements and events. According to Daniel, Meghan will soon be wearing no bright red lipstick as she keeps softer on pink, coral and neutral colors. Although she likes a bold eye make-up look, fans should not expect too much on Meghan. She will choose a polished look for defined shades of brown and earth tones, one that Harry undoubtedly loves!

What about Meghan's hair?

As everyone knows, Meghan wears her hair in her messy bottom for both royal engagements and personal outings. The center-lined, sweeping look goes well with her as he complements her high cheekbones and dark eyes. While the messy bun is a long way from the textured ramparts that we're used to seeing Meghan's sister-in-law Kate wear to royal events, it's a look the duchess is unlikely to give up soon. It seems that Meghan has brought her own style into the royal limelight and the fans will certainly not be disappointed.

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