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Meghan Markle gave up a profitable wellness career to marry Prince Harry

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is an all-rounder. The fans watched as she switched from the famous actress to the royal duchess without paying attention. But before Meghan took on royal duties, she was more than just an actress.

Almost single-handedly, she created her own lifestyle website called The Tig. When Meghan announced her engagement to Prince Harry, she took the website down and closed the social media accounts she used to promote her brand. If she hadn’t been forced to close the shop, The Tig could have been big.

The Tig could have been Meghan Markles Goop


7;s hard to talk about wellness brands without referring to Goop. Gwyneth Paltrow’s notorious wellness website is one of the most successful and controversial wellness brands. While Goop is often considered the butt of a joke, it is undoubtedly a success. Paltrow has turned the website into a magazine and even a television show.

The wig could have been at a goop level. Meghan has never been so controversial and Paltrow, but in the few years she’s been the blog, it has amassed almost a million followers. It was a great platform for Meghan to give life advice and promote brands.

The wellness industry has also experienced a boom. It is currently reported to be a $ 4.2 trillion industry. Meghan was in the arena long before the boom, so it is possible that she could capitalize on it with her own lines. However, there is no guarantee that the actress of the time would or could take this route.

In addition, not everything is lost. If Meghan were able to create a popular wellness blog before becoming queen, any website she supports now would be much better known. She could probably even outnumber Paltrow in audience numbers without really trying.

Meghan Markle has a wide appeal

A website called Meghan’s Mirror appeared shortly after Prince Harry and Meghan announced their engagement. It’s dedicated to everything Meghan has to offer, including reviving old posts from The Tig.

The website is operated by Effervescence Media. A company spokeswoman said that a similar blog dedicated to Kate only, Duchess of Cambridge is popular with older American women, but Meghan’s mirror has a wider fan base.

Younger women are as attracted to Meghan as older women. Millennials don’t usually follow the Royals as closely as the older generation. Meghan changed that.

African American women also love them because they feel they are represented in the royal family.

Basically, Meghan offers something for everyone as a brand.

Will Meghan Markle revive The Tig?

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle | Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

Meghan has a lot more time. You and Prince Harry are officially done with royal duties. They had their last engagement earlier this month. Everyone has asked what’s next for the couple, but in reality they may not have to do anything.

Prince Harry and Meghan probably have enough money to get by without having to work a day again. That’s not what they want based on the clues they dropped about their future.

Meghan could act again or engage in entertainment on another level, for example as a producer. Because of the success The Tig had after mining, Meghan may want to start another wellness brand.

However, she probably doesn’t have time to write all of the content herself, as she did before. Now that she deserves her name royally, she may want to have a new brand. The TIG can come back under a different name.

If Meghan decides to make a royal reference with her new brand, the name Sussex will not be included. Prince Harry and Meghan were appointed Duke and Duchess of Sussex shortly after their marriage, but they can no longer use it now that they have withdrawn from the royal family. They were forced to give up all the hallmarks of the word.

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