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Meghan Markle has her own social media hashtag – and she will not like it

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been married for less than a year. And the couple has seen their share of drama in the media and in public. Since the two are married, some people seem to deal with Meghan. People even started using a Twitter hashtag – and the Duchess of Sussex would definitely not agree. Meghan Markle ” class=”wp-image-1089518″/>

Meghan Markle | Max Mumby / Indigo / Getty Images

Meghan and Harry got married in May 2018.

Meghan and Harry had a very fast romance. The two were introduced in 201

6 by a mutual friend in London, and they brought it into play immediately. They continued to see each other and had such a strong connection that in less than a year and a half they were ready to marry. Harry suggested Meghan in November 2017 and they were planning a six month wedding. In May 2018 they tied the knot, and only about two months later Meghan was pregnant. The couple announced in October 2018 that they would expect a baby by the end of this month.

There have been countless rumors about Meghan since the couple's wedding

While people seemed to love Meghan when she and Harry met, public opinion about the wedding began to change. The press kept reporting rumors about Meghan, including that she and her co-star Kate Middleton could not get along. There were also reports that Meghan was rude to her staff, causing many of them to quit. All these rumors caused the public to question Meghan's character, and although many still love her, some have developed strong feelings of negativity towards her.

Social media users have even begun to use a "#megxit" hashtag to express aversion to the Duchess. And they have developed a new hashtag. "#Megxit" is a popular way for trolls to place all tweets and posts in one place. Today, social media is a breeding ground for bullying, and celebrities are often at the center of negative comments, photos, and more. While most celebrities, including Meghan, simply copy them off, the audience is alerted to what the trolls want. "Megxit" is a take on "Brexit", as the UK exit process from the European Union is called.

Some people now claim that Meghan feigns her pregnancy.

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