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Meghan Markle, Online Misuse of Kate Middleton Calls for Campaign of Celebrity Magazine

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, are often the subject of abusive comments that are often made against other Duchesses by supporters of others, according to the British magazine Hello!

The rise in abuse against women is after months of reports in British tabloids claiming they are trapped in a long-standing feud.

"There is a broader narrative in the media that plays against each other, and unfortunately people gather and take sides," said Emily Nash, Hello!'S Royal Editor, to CNN.

"It seems particularly sexist to me," Nash said about the abuse. "There are people who compare her in a way that's not really the case with men -" she's funny, her heels are too high, or her legs are too thin.

The magazine launched its # HelloToKindness campaign on Monday, inspired by comments encouraging a change in people's online communications.

"People feel empowered to be aggressive and abusive behind the safety of their keyboard "Nash says," it encourages a dark side of people's characters to come to the fore. "

" Unpleasant Atmosphere "

Nash says that the magazine's idea for The campaign had its last social media posts last year after noticing a series of abusive messages. "It was all about everything that had to do with Kate and Meghan," she said.

The Infinite Unscrupulous British media often focused on an alleged rivalry between the Duchess of Sussex, formerly Meghan Markle, and the previously known Duchess of Cambridge as Kate Middleton.

Headlines such as "Meghan Made Kate Cry" and "The War on the War" by Kate Middleton could "bring the monarchy to its knees," had appeared in recent months in The Sun newspaper. The Express released a story Friday entitled "Meghan Markle and Kate Had Prince Charles" KNOCKING HEADS to End the Royal Feud. "

  Are the British media turning against Meghan Markle?

"There are two very different people, and for some reason, fans believe they have to be in one camp or the other," Nash said. "We know it's a problem for Kensington Palace as well – they have to spend many more hours to moderate the comments."

"I was told [the royals] would like to be able to connect directly with more people, but because of this atmosphere, this is not an option," Nash added.

"We just decided it was enough, it's going to be an unhealthy and awkward atmosphere, and we feel we're a responsible title if we can position ourselves and take the lead," she said.

The campaign is for everyone, and the campaign is for everyone, and it aims to raise awareness about the number of abusive messages sent online.

Several British MPs have done this. They complained of abuses they had received on Twitter, while sports stars, including English footballer Karen Carney, were alerted to hate messages addressed to them on social platforms.

"It's easy to say anything if you're anonymous and a thousand miles away," Nash said, adding that the campaign is "not about censorship – it's about raising conversational standards." [19659019]
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