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Meghan Markle's royal wedding overshadows her "suits" wedding

Does the Queen of England even rule the USA Network?

When the season finale of their show "Suits" – Meghan Markle's final episode on the show after seven years before she could marry Prince Harry – came and went No Fanfare on Wednesday, TV insiders noted that the NBC Universal Network too little was silent about the big thing.

Markle's upcoming wedding with the prince would have been a PR bonanza for the show, especially because of her character, Rachel Zane (19659002) Nevertheless, no clear pictures of Markle in her television wedding dress and no interviewing of the cast were made Betrayed work with her.

The motion sparked speculation in the television industry that Buckingham Palace could have intervened with an application for NBC discretion to ensure that the newest member of the royal family would not bring a Hollywood hangover into her new life as Duchess of Sussex.

Another NBC insider speculated that they have deliberately downplayed Meghan's TV wedding hoping to land interviews with her and Prince Harry once she is a royal bride.

The insider said, "NBC bosses decided not to disgrace Meghan before the royal wedding with a 'Suits' media flash, I hope it will pay off with future access to her and Harry." [1

9659002] The palace declined to comment while a "suits" sticker sniffed, "There's no truth to it."

NBC has a royal connection. 19659002] In 2014, Page Six reported that the network considered offering Pippa Middleton a correspondent appearance on the "Today" show after interviewing Matt Lauer.

Meanwhile, Lauer also interviewed Prince William and Prince Harry about their military service the same year.

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