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Meghan McCain is no longer called a Republican, says the character of the GOP "seems to be divorced"

Meghan McCain may no longer call herself a Republican, but that does not mean she abandons her conservative views.

In a lengthy interview on CNN's The Van Jones Show McCain discussed her political stance and the impact of President Donald Trump on politics and the GOP, as well as how to deal with grief after her father's death , the longtime Arizona Senator John McCain.

McCain and Jones both lost their parents and began the interview with a conversation about mourning with The View co-host, who says she is "sad" every day.

"I do not think it's wrong to share that, I have moments when I think I'm straight" I can not do anything without him. And it's a weird place to be in so many different ways, "McCain said, taking advantage of her experience after losing her father to delve into her feelings about politics." As a daughter, I mourn and I am Sad. As an American, I hate this land without him. I know that sounds awful. I do not hate America, but I just hate it without its leadership. I am very ̵

1; I am sad the whole time. I struggle with this sadness and I miss it in a way I could never have fathomed. "

McCain went one step further and told Jones that she believes the Republican Party has lost its character and that she is not the political party she grew up in because Trump changed her so much She also confirmed that she no longer calls herself a Republican because the party is "connected to Trump."

"I call myself conservative. I mean, I'm still a member of the Republican Party and I'm still voting on the Republican ticket, "McCain said." I'm not a Never Trumper. Trump has not melted my brain, I can still see the forest in front of the trees and it has not cleared away all my conservative principles … Honestly, I'm just trying to survive in many different ways politically, right now. "

 Meghan McCain Meghan McCain accompanies hostess Julie Mason during a SiriusXM event in New York City on February 5, 2018. Photo by Cindy Ord / Getty Images for SiriusXM

McCain has repeatedly commented on her views on Trump, his policies, and the President's shift in the landscape of American politics, including Trump's motto "Make America Great Again" during her father's laudation in September 2018 reused and said, "John McCain's America does not have to be made grand again because America has always been great."

Despite McCain's rejection of Trump, she defended the GOP and conservative values ​​on The View includ in the defense of the party, when their colleagues asked whether those who wanted border security or a border wall were racist. 19659002] "I think that's the problem with identity politics in this country, if you paint them all – all black people think one thing, all Hispanics think one thing, all republicans think one thing – that's how we get into this mess I'm one of those people who would like to come out of it, "McCain said during the show.

McCain also defended Trump supporters after conservative commentator Tara Setmayer said Trump and his followers were "cult". [19659002] During the interview, Jones played a clip of former presidential candidate Bob Doyle during the 1996 Republican National Convention for McCain.

"If there is someone who has mistakenly joined our party, in the belief that we are not open citizens of all races and religions, then I would like to remind you … Tonight this hall belongs to the party of [Abraham] Lincoln, and the outputs that are clearly marked, are at your disposal if you stand on this ground without compromise, "said Dole.

In response to the clip, McCain said she finds it more difficult to assert herself, as Republicans who do not support Trump are overwhelmed by those who do.

"I think over 80- A little over a quarter of Republicans support President Trump, and maybe they do, because they have no other option, but I think the populous Trump brand really took control," McCain said. "That's why I'm in this kind of no-man's-land."

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