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Meghan McCain makes "you were at my wedding, Denise" one thing

Co-host "The View" responded on Monday to conservative commentator Denise C. McAllister for struck on her ABC talk show.

McAllister tweeted a story about "The View" with a photo of McCain as the main picture. The pandit wrote for The Federalist, a web magazine co-founded by McCain's husband Ben Domenech.

"Can anyone explain the purpose of The View?" McAllister has tweeted. "It seems to me to be talking about delusional mental dwarfs who beat ignorance and lack of emotional regulation."

McCain, who has been with The View since 2017, has tweeted that "you were at my wedding, Denise."

Faster than you could say, "Oh no, she does not have it," the response was triggered memes and commentary.

"From now on, every New York comic title should have been" You were at my wedding, Denise. " Tweet the TV journalist Jess Dweck.

McAllister clarified what she meant and tweeted to McCain, "I think the photo in the story made it look like it was addressed to you personally, Meghan."

"My comment dealt with The View and the mental dwarfs Who surrounds you," McAllister wrote. "I do not even know how you do it daily and my hat is in front of you to stand in the midst of craziness."

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