Megyn Kelly's "Today" lesson was canceled due to the moderator's controversial comments on Blackface.

Megyn Kelly's "Today" show at NBC is over after a turbulent week began on Tuesday when she defended Blackface Halloween costumes and caused massive backlashes She should apologize the next day.

"Megyn Kelly Today" is not returning, "said an NBC spokesman for USA TODAY, which will be hosted by other TODAY co-anchors at 9:00 pm next week.

While the network made it clear that their time was at stake The TODAY has turned to NBC for more information.

Early Friday, NBC News reporter Morgan Radford said during the "Today" show, "This morning, NBC News host Megyn Kelly is in talks with the network about her upcoming departure. "

And although her former colleagues at Fox News have expressed their support, the network itself hinted that it was not inclined to make its place, saying It is "very happy" with its primetime lineup. More: NBC Reports Kelly Negotiating Its Exit from the Network; Would Fox Take It Back

Kelly, 4 7, came to NBC News after a decade on Fox News, attracted by a contract estimated at $ 20 million a year. "Megyn Kelly Today" debuted in September 2017. Since then, her hour has been clouded by controversy over the network's Tent-Poles "Today" series, from her eyebrow statements on the radio to her lackluster ratings.

At 9 am, Kelly's "Today" ratings garnered 400,000 viewers or 13 percent of the audience compared to the previous Al Roker and Tamron Hall event. Even more disturbing for the network's most valuable franchise network, their numbers were 25 percent among 25- to 54-year-olds, the traditional television news target group.

Her focus on soft news and two embarrassing and hostile interviews largely staggered Hollywood figures harassed Jane Fonda and Debra Messing with bad publicity. With the outbreak of the #Metoo movement, Kelly found more meaning for a short time. What did Megyn Kelly say ?! 4 other times, the journalist provoked controversy

The last straw for Kelly on the NBC show came on Tuesday when during a round at table talk she apparently defended "Blackface" and "White Face" for Halloween because it was "OK when I was a kid, as long as you dressed like a figure."

At the top of the Wednesday show, she said "I'd like to start with two words: I'm sorry, you may have heard that yesterday we had a conversation about political correctness and Halloween costumes … I defended the idea (from Blackface) and said that as long as it was respectful and part of a Halloween costume, it seemed fine. Well, I was wrong, and I'm sorry. "

The apology was not enough to make the show over To hold water.

A repeat of Kelly's episode on Aug. 31 was aired on Thursday instead of a live show to signal the news that her departure was imminent.

The same day, Kelly apologized, NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack addressed the controversy during a city hall meeting with staffers, according to transcripts from Variety and The Daily Beast. The meeting was scheduled ahead of this week's events.

"I assume that you all saw the remarks that made yesterday (Megyn Kelly) in their Halloween and Blackface show, there's no other way to say that, but I condemn those remarks, there's none Place on our "very unhappy," said Lack.

He continued, "While we go forward, my top priority remains, and if we go over that with Megyn, then there should be no doubt that this is a workplace, where you have to be proud and in which we respect every ot you in all the things we know is fundamental to us.

Previously, her African American colleagues had called her during the Wednesday episode of "Today."

"There was yesterday online criticism that this was politically correct amok running. That's silly and it's insincere and it's just as ignorant and racist as the statement itself, "said" Today "co-host Craig Melvin, who still described Kelly as a friend and colleague." She said something stupid, she said something not to defend. "

" The fact is, she owes a bigger excuse to the colorful people in the county, "said Al Roker, the longest contracted host on" Today. "This is a story that dates back to the 1830s (with Returning Minstrels Indicates: Degrading and vilifying a race was not right, I'm old enough to have lived through & # 39; Amos & # 39; Andy & # 39 ;, where you're black-faced white people who played two black characters who only increased the stereotypes about black people, and that's the big problem … that does not bode well, it just is not right. "

Post: Leora Arnowitz, Gary Levin, The Associated Press

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