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Melania Trump used the visa, which her husband prevailed against the naturalization of their parents

"Things went well and they are very grateful and grateful for this wonderful day for their family," he said in a statement to CNN.

The office of the First Lady declined to comment.

Viktor and Amalija Knavs, who come from Slovenia, have lived in the United States with green cards and have been spotted frequently in Washington since her son-in-law took over the presidency.

A source with direct knowledge of Melania Trump's parents and their immigration status told CNN that Melania Trump sponsored their parents for their green cards, a status that allowed them to live and work indefinitely in the US and pave the way for the US Citizenship paved. This type of family visa is just one of the categories that Trump and his allies have attempted to reverse and said they are harmful to the US.

The office of the First Lady declined to comment.

Wiles did not want to comment The Knavs received their green cards or citizenship on Thursday, but criticized the immigration policy of the Trump administration to CNN.

"I firmly believe in the principles of family reunification, which is a foundation of immigration policy and legislation, and has made millions of people happy on our shores," said Wildes.

Recognizing the fact that the president has sharply criticized family migration and regularly calls it "chain migration," Wildes replied, "I can not comment on the president's policy, it's coming to my clients, but I've personally opposed that." There are only a handful of ways in which immigrants to the United States can get green cards, and most of them are spent each year on the basis of family ties.

A smaller number goes to immigrants based on their employment and other categories include refugees and other special cases. Proponents of the restriction of legal immigration have pointed to the imbalance in favor of family relationships as evidence of the need for reform, and call for a "performance-based" system that selects immigrants as needed in the US.

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The US allows a range of opportunities for US citizens and legal residents To support family members to come permanently to the US, including categories for parents, adult siblings and adult, married and unmarried children.

Trump and his congressional ally have been struggling to dramatically reduce sponsorship for spouses and minor children, including lowering the threshold for underage children from 21 to 18. Experts estimate that total immigration to the US will increase by 40%. could be reduced to 50% if these green cards are not assigned to another category. Trump has argued for a "performance-based" system, but has not proposed a method to allow immigrants into the US to replace those categories.

Viktor and Amalija Knavs, 73 and 71, respectively, are retired and have regular contact with the Trump family, often with their first family traveling to Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster, New Jersey.

CNNs Kate Bennett and Yon Pomrenze have contributed to this report.

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