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Melania Trumps Mar-a-Lago: Reserved and relaxing

Mar-a-Lago is her resting time.

The Trump Orbit's family facility on the 20-acre privately-owned club, located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Palm Beach, Florida, is relatively modest. A house familiar with the layout is modest.

The space suites are not very large in terms of square footage compared to the three floors of the Penthouse of the Trump Tower family in Manhattan and a fraction of the four floors of the White House Executive Residence. The place is cozy, even if it is one of the largest property in Florida.

There is no private pool for the family, no private spa, no separate driveway. In fact, the proximity to the rest of the guests, many of whom have known each other socially for a while and create the club atmosphere, is both surprising and informal.

The highly secured area, like most of them The hotel is essentially connected to the other facilities of the club, where members and members of the guests can walk, dine, socialize, the extensive grounds, the tennis courts, the Croquet courts or the beach club can visit.

Mar-a-Lago of President Trump is the brilliant penny of his fortune, a far-reaching example of what he has acquired, the literal interpretation of showing off. He rarely leaves his limits, except for the golf game in his club. Melania Trump also does not want to leave the grounds, as it turns out, and she spends most of her vacation days on property that is secluded from the Hoi Polloi members. Mostly they have good time with their son and their parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs, who also spent a fair part of the year in Mar-a-Lago.

During the Christmas holidays, the First Lady spent three weeks outside Mar-a-Lago, except for the four or so days she was in Washington and a surprise visit to troops in Iraq. This month, she's not in Washington, Mar-a-Lago, for spring break since March 1

9, and will return Sunday night. Your year is also packed with mini-breaks – the Easter weekend of Martin Luther King Jr., Easter, Thanksgiving.

But like so many things with Trump, staying down here is a private screen, a lunatic notion that she's traveling somewhere to spend large periods of time outside the White House, and does whatever she thinks fitting in her at their own pace, unrelated to their husband's or their priorities or habits – an independent way of life that has become the calling card of the First Lady of this government.

"She has a long history with Palm Beach, yes, but she remains largely alone," said Laurence Leamer, part-time resident of Palm Beach and author of "Mar-a-Lago: In the Gates of Power." Presidential Palace of Donald Trump ".

Leamer has long been a chronicler of Trump and his habits in Palm Beach, even pres-presidential, and thus of Trump's third wife.

"All these ladies in Palm Beach," said Leamer, who generally spoke of the open-minded residents in one of the richest cities in the country, "they go to Worth Avenue to shop, they dress up and they pay for them Exorbitant prices for clothes and things, and that's part of the scene, that's what they do here, that's life, but not Melania Trump. "


When Trump Washington to Mar -a left -Lago earlier this month, spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said CNN's spring vacation on the property was "an annual tradition" for the family.

There are few who oppose Trump's hard work for her 13-year-old son to provide him with a "normal" life as he can. As such, Trump has not distracted from the events and events that have brought her here since his birth.

Grisham said something similar during the Christmas holiday in 2018, which coincided with the longest government stalemate in history, when he urged CNN to use the first lady government funds for the flight to and from Palm Beach and Washington (Air Force Aircraft) First Lady of the United States required by safety guidelines.)

"It has been a long tradition for the family to spend their Christmas holidays in Mar-a-Lago, their plans to travel to their Florida home with their son Not changed this year, "Grisham said.

For many wealthy people who spend "winter" in Palm Beach, away from cool temperatures and snow on the East Coast, Palm Beach means parties and social clubs and nights in the city. But for Melania Trump, Palm Beach is a center of the heart, where she makes sure things are consistent, where she can look after annual traditions and where she can relax away from the headlines and chaos.

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Ever since she's First Lady, Trump's Mar-a-Lago days have included other additions to her usual holiday – and self-care. She now travels with at least one employee, typically Grisham, whose full title is Deputy Chief of Communications.

Trump and Grisham meet regularly in Palm Beach, Grisham told CNN to discuss events and visits outside the company (this week Trump hosted Fabiana Rosales, the wife of Juan Guaido, President of the country's National Assembly, Trump The government recognizes Venezuela's incumbent president and also visits a local elementary school to talk about bullying with the students.

It is also planning the upcoming White House commitments (such as Easter Eggs roll) and future trips. said Grisham, in "constant communication" with her and the rest of her small East Wing team in Washington.

However, there is another component in her Mara Lago life that is more personal than professional Trump spent a long time with her husband, the president.

"They feed for hours"

  A year full of glamor and G to make melanas make sense (39); s style

Dinner at Mar-a-Lago is now used to seeing them. The couple huddled together on the candlelit terrace during the meal and sometimes talked for two or three hours. Donald and Melania Trump are interrupted only by friends who come over to shake his hand or wish him a nice evening. Meals are served in the club's formal open-air restaurant. On weekends when Trump is in town, people often have dinner on Fridays and Saturdays, Trump tells a White House official.

"Which couple spend three hours alone at dinner?" Leamer, who has rhetorically observed the trumps several times. "They've been there for so long, other people are leaving, and they're just … there, they're eating for hours, he likes a small table, a four-person table so people can come to & # 39; hello & # 39; 39; but there is not enough space to invite people. "

The cozy dinners in Mar-a-Lago could withstand the often-held notion that the first couple are irretrievably distant.

"It is extraordinary for Trump's public personality that part of him is very private, and so are I. I speak in the sense that he and she do not necessarily like intruders," said Leamer. "Trump always has to be the center of attention, so if you're going to someone else's party, it's not always going to be that way."

When Trump has dinner guests, there were public photos. There are usually no more than two or three other couples, often old friends from New York or members of his inner political circle. A habit animal, if he does not eat alone with Melania Trump, the president does not seek new friends. He also does not want to expand his culinary inclinations.

Leamer writes in his book how special Trump is about his holiday menu – and how many Mar-a-Lago cooks have turned over and over again over the years. Therefore, Melania Trump does not challenge the kitchen. Although she is not allowed to eat Trump's favorite black steaks and burger or meatloaf, she keeps her taste simple and healthy.

Melania Trump, however, manages menus for larger family events such as Thanksgiving, Easter and Christmas. At Dinners à deux, however, the focus is on the conversation, not the kitchen.

"The two of them are going to eat and sit in deepest conversation and spend hours talking and literally sitting there," a White House official told CNN, confirming Leamer's account of the first pair of habits.

A Long History

Mar-a-Lago was one of the first places Trump joined his new girlfriend, Melania Knauss, when they started in late 1998, early 1999, and It quickly became one of her favorite destinations and now is two decades later.

"Melania Trump follows a long tradition of First Ladies trying to escape the Claustrophobic White House," says Kate Andersen Brower, contributor and author of CNN First Women: The Grace and Power of the Modern First Ladies of the United States. "I think she was more successful than most, because there is so much going on in the West Wing of her husband that she can fly more under the radar than Michelle Obama or Laura Bush ever."

Bush had the family farm in Crawford, Texas had Obama Christmas in Hawaii and summer on Martha's Vineyard, but when these first ladies holidayed, they felt they were planned and regulated.

"The Reagans had Rancho del Cielo or" Ranch in the Sky, "Brower said," but they were hanging on their hips so often went there together. "

Rarely did they spend as much time as they did Trumps.

Trump has Mar-a-Lago, and in the summer, when South Florida becomes sticky with heat and moisture, she can also flee to New Jersey, where she and her family have more private quarters in a private club, the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster: Trump's options are more extensive, her movements more mysterious and her activities more camouflaged when she is not working with her team.

Trump's desire to be away may be more like the predecessors of Jacqueline Kennedy, who Spending long weekends away from the White House at Glen Ora, the 400-acre Virginia property the Kennedys have rented,

Brower writes in her book First Women, according to Jackie's Secret Ser vice-agent, Clint Hill, Between the summer of 1961 and the summer of 1962, the First Lady spent nearly four months away from Washington, often on Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, returning on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

Summers for Kennedy were spent in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, where the fabled Kennedy Complex was located, but Jackie Kennedy, like Trump, also spent time in Palm Beach at Christmas and Easter time, and she had a penchant for her Family property in Newport, Rhode Island, to escape where she and John Kennedy were married.

Mar-a-Lago also contains marital memories of Trump while the ceremony took place in the nearby Episcopal Bethesda-by-the-Sea church , the Trumps' lavish wedding reception took place in 2005 at the club's gilded ballroom, which recently completed a $ 42 million renovation.

Trump's six-figure couture gown helped her land the Vogue magazine's cover And at the front desk, guests were served golden hors d'oeuvres, steak and lobster, and they cost expensive champagne, and when the party spilled out into the pool area after dinner, Trump pulled out She wore a white Vera Wang slip dress that was better suited for dancing, which the newly weds did until the early hours of the morning.

Mar-a-Lago also served as the setting for the weddings of Donald Trump, Jr and Eric Trump – and lately guests opting for a wedding at the club are sometimes close to a brief audience with the President, when he is in town.

But even if they are with a family in Mar-a-Lago, especially in the extended clan of Donald Trump, those who observe the First Lady say that she and her parents and son have their own impenetrable form. less accessible unit.

And if she's there for her husband, "she's on his arm, spectacularly dressed, if only for members," said Leamer. "Mar-a-Lago is the only place where he really feels relaxed, he feels comfortable there – and I think that's also true for them."

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