A plane carrying First Lady Melania Trump had to return to the base on Wednesday after smoke broke out. Trump's spokeswoman said that everyone is safe after the plane has landed. (October 17)

Corrections and Explanations: An earlier version of this story mentioned the wrong date. The incident occurred on Wednesday.

WASHINGTON – The plane that was bringing First Lady Melania Trump to Philadelphia suddenly had to return to Joint Base Andrews on Wednesday morning for a "mechanical problem".

Trump's agent, Stephanie Grisham, confirms USA TODAY there was a "small mechanical problem" on the plane that identified a pool report as a Boeing C-32A. Grisham added, "Everything is fine and everyone is safe."

About 15 minutes after the flight, smoke was visible and a burning smell was detectable inside the aircraft, reports a pool. An employee of the First Lady then announced that the plane had a "mechanical problem" and would return to Joint Base Andrews.

Passengers were given wet washcloths to combat the odor and the plane landed shortly after 9 pm (19659008) The photos shared by The Hill on Twitter show that Trump is going awry.

President Trump said he had talked to his wife after his unplanned landing and reported that everyone " be alright ". (19659008) "They came back in. They got on another plane, I said, 'I hope this plane is better than the first one,' said the President about their conversation.

Trump is in Philadelphia for an event on opioid addiction, part of her Be-Best initiative. She visits the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital to meet with families involved in neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS).

Grisham confirmed to USA TODAY that the trip continues as planned after the maintenance problem. A second plane was boarded at 9:55, the pool reports.

According to a press release issued by the First Lady's office before the incident, Trump is accompanied by Health Minister Alex Azar. She is scheduled to attend a walk through the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit and give an opening speech at a US Department of Health conference

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