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Memes & Tweets Janelle Monae's new album is in love with her powerful themes

Early Friday morning, when the clock hit midnight, an artist graced the world with an inspirational new album and film. Minutes after the release of both projects, Twitter was illuminated with memes and tweets praising Janelle Monae's new album Dirty Computer celebrating queerness, self-love and empowerment of women. And it's not just about accepting queerness about sexuality. Monae wants you to accept things about yourself that might make others uncomfortable. And it looks like people are already being inspired.

She explained the album title Dirty Computer in an interview with iHeartRadio:

We come from the dirt and when we emigrate we go back to the dirt. […] We are CPUs, our brains are charging, charging, transmitting, giving information back and forth. And with all the computers you have your mistakes, you have your viruses. But are these negative, positive, features? Or not? I think it's a conversation that I want to have with us as a society, as people, what it means to tell someone that their existence, either queer, minority, women, poor, you have bugs and viruses. […] is about accepting these things, even if it makes others uncomfortable.

The artist went on to describe how writing and recording or Dirty Computer therapy was like being a young, black woman living in America.

Her third album release comes in the same week. Monae also presented a 45-minute "Emotion Image" for the album, a list of forthcoming tour dates, and her coming out as a pansexual in Rolling Stone . It looks like Monae is up and tweeting fans so far:

F is for Feminist

As the author Derrick Clifton wrote for them: "Now the Electric Lady is conducting a Clarion Call towards Blacks , feminist and queer-inclusive future ̵

1; one that does not collapse or burn. "

Pussy snatches back

" This pussy grabs back "was a rallying slogan for the women's march and occurred at ] Dirty Computer


The fans were in awe – the good kind of awe – with Monae's latest masterpiece.

Black Girl Magic

Black came to life for Monae's stunning new visual album

Mona's message is clear: All human existence has a place.

The beauty of the "bugs"

Even the "glitches" in your life are an important part of making you who you are.

Free and Liberated

Many people we can also on Twitter Commenting on Monae & # 39; s short film, which aired on BET and plays the musician alongside actress Tessa Thompson, the film stars in a totalitarian future in which humans are known as "computers."


Twitter users talked about how significant this album is for him.

A Little Poly Love

Monae did not shy away from unconventional relationships, like the polyamory, in Dirty Computer .

Dance Party

If you live up at night, you hear Dirty Computer in its entirety You are not the only one.

Emotional powerhouse

Although it is embedded in a technical theme, it is it is the emotional and very human message that makes people feel raw.

Embracing Yourself

A dirty computer does nothing I mean a broken computer

All The Feels

Monae's album Dirty Computer gave her fans a lot to cheer about. As Monae said in her iHeartRadio interview, love is the root of her album.

… I lead with love. I've been dealing with a lot of trouble, feeling what it feels like to trample on his rights as a woman, as a minority. Someone who tells you that your existence is wrong, and you have to be more submissive and try to take over your agency.

But Dirty Computer wants to create a judgment-free zone, as depicted in her short film. If you've missed their "emotion movie," you can still watch their music videos for singles on the album, including the latest addition, "I Like That."

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