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Men arrested after thugs in Tenerife tied Prestwick flight

TWO men were arrested when a fight broke out on a Prestwick flight and bleeding blood in the cabin.

Dramatic material posted on social media showed two men beating each other when a female flight attendant tried to enter, and the passengers shouted at her to stop.

The airline-confirmed officers on Tenerife had been called to meet the plane on Saturday from Glasgow Prestwick.

A statement from the accounting firm says: "After two passengers became bothersome during the flight … two people were removed from the police and detained."

Ben Wardrop, who filmed the incident, said he came from a discussion that took place during the flight.

He said, "It all started with a woman who did not wear shoes and went to the bathroom during the flight, and a very drunk man pulled her up and said someone would stand on her toes, then the woman's friend kicked in and tried to defuse the situation.

"When the plane had landed and more alcohol was drunk, the husband and the friend of the woman began to argue, both were very drunk and began to fight, and the man in the video with a lot of blood tried to lead the man to To bring peace and he was hit on the nose.

"One of the cabin crew members, a young woman about 24 years old, was caught in the middle of the action and was very scared, but did well to defuse the men who are fighting.

"Before us sat a family with a little boy who witnessed all these acts.

"It was a very scary moment, as it was very tight and many innocent people were involved because of the lack of space on the plane.

"Ryanair's staff mastered the situation very well," he said.

A photo posted on Twitter seemed to show blood at the door of Luggage compartment before the next flight of the aircraft.

A spokeswoman for Ryanair said: "The crew of this flight from Glasgow Prestwick to Tenerife (16 March) requested police assistance on arrival after two passengers had interfered during the flight.

"The plane landed normally and the police removed two people and arrested them.

"We never tolerate unruly or disruptive behavior, and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our top priority.

"This is now a matter for the local police."

The Tenerife police were contacted for comment.

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