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Menendez: Zinke is on the way to becoming a "lily-white" department

"We can find some of the best people in the nation from different communities, whether that diversity is ethnic, racial or otherwise," said Menendez CNN's Erin Burnett about "OutFront".

Several in-house employees have told CNN that Zinke has repeatedly said he will not focus on diversity, an obvious point of discussion that has angered many people in the agency.

Three senior domestic functionaries from three different divisions said that Zinke had made several comments on a similar topic, saying, "Diversity is not important" or "I'm not interested in diversity" or "I do not think so really important. "

Menendez He said he was worried that the problem exists in many agencies within the Cabinet of President Donald Trump and the Interior Department.

"The problem is that prong is clearly on a path where we are increasingly becoming a lily-white department of The Home Office," he said.

Interior Department spokeswoman Heather Swift vehemently denied that Zinke said anything in this direction to criticize the need for diversity and said, "The anonymous allegations against the secretary are untrue."

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