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Mercedes-Benz awards god-like powers to the 2019 Super Bowl ad

Mercedes-Benz attaches great importance to the new A-Class with its 2019 Super Bowl commercial entitled "Say The Word", which it released today. A random guy gets godlike powers that force the world and humans and animals to give his bid. I mean, MBUX is cool, but I do not think it was able to find lost cats, and Ludacris still has to appear at at one of our parties The A-Class It has been available elsewhere in the world for some time, but 201

9 is the first time we have done it in government, and to our eyes it is a damnably beautiful sight than the curvy cousin of the CLA. .

As we see in "Say The Word", the new A-Class is one of the first platforms in the Mercedes range to receive the newest and best MBUX infotainment system and we appreciate this more democratic approach to disseminating Technology. Why start with the S-Class and run down? Give MBUX to the people!

"MBUX is a fundamental shift, and if one is aware of the price and technology of the A-Class, many who have not thought of Mercedes or Mercedes, or whose possessions they had thought, will believe that several more years will come Look at it, "said Drew Slaven, vice president of marketing, Mercedes-Benz USA. "And since we have one of the highest levels of owner loyalty in the industry, these new shoppers will likely remain for some time once they join the brand."

As part of MBUX Natural Speech Recognition, it is used as a form of AI that helps you to better understand you when you speak. For example, if you whine, "Hey Mercedes, I'm cold," MBUX will turn up the heat. It's deceptively simple, but it works, and we like it.

The new A-Class starts at annoyingly cheap $ 32,500 for the front-wheel drive version, and prices rise quickly from there. Most Germanic traditions: long option lists.

We looked at the configurator for about 20 minutes and still did not find the Demigod option. We will inform you when we come across it.

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