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Mets & # 39; Frazier, Nationals & # 39; Eaton break out in strange MLB rivalry

The beef shared by Todd Frazier and Adam Eaton is three years old. It still seems to be in prime condition, but the side effects may include selective memory.

The natural rivalry between Mets and Nationals has made it a bizarre personal feud dating back to their time as teammates in the White Sox in 2016. It spilled onto the field on Monday night when the two had to be separated, after Eaton was grounded to a double game.

Frazier initially refused to discuss the cloud of dust on Monday night after Eaton beat him into a postgame interview – calling him "childish" and accusing him of twittering from all over the field ̵

1; Frazier arrived on Tuesday afternoon back with his own side of the story.

"That's Adam," Frazier said, repeating Eatons: "Just to be Todd Frazier." "Line of Monday night."

"This is just immaturity," Frazier said. "If you know Adam, every team he's in, you hear what people say, you understand it. I was there for a year and a half.

Eaton laughed loudly in the clubhouse of Citi Field when he agreed to Frazer's recent remarks.

"Man, he's like an old friend," said Eaton

The two seem to agree that the other is immature. Everything else is to be interpreted.

"He understands where I come from, he knows the past," said Frazier, who declined a question about what actually happened. "He'll have to take it, that's it. I said my piece and now I'm done with it, unless something moves. That was it's already.

But here the memory of Eaton began to fade.

"I can not even remember this year," Eaton said. "I put all this stuff to bed. I forgot what happened yesterday. I think we all have short memories.

Frazier was not without his own memory loss when asked what had started with the episode on Monday evening, Frazier said he could not remember.

After Eaton had described Frazier as "childish" on Monday night, said he said he was a 30-year-old man with two children and a mortgage.

I do not know what to tell you without your mortgage. "

Financial advice was not very helpful, however, as Eaton clarified on Tuesday that he does not have a mortgage.

"I have more humility than him," Eaton said, "I threw that out there and tried to be a human being, I have no mortgage, thank you." [19659017]
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