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Mets & # 39; Todd Frazier shoots back at Nationals & # 39; Adam Eaton: & # 39; Men usually do it on the field. & # 39;

Pay your mortgage.

This is what Todd Frazier thinks should do Adam Eaton as the beef between the former White Sox teammates rang new life between Monday night and Tuesday before the game.

Frazier and Eaton found themselves offending each other in the Mets' 5-3 win against the Nationals on Monday when the bench was almost cleared. After the game, Eaton called Frazier's behavior "childish" and said, "I'm a 30-year-old man with two kids, I have a mortgage and everything and he wants to talk loud while running from the field."

Nevertheless, on Monday evening, Frazier took to the road without revealing much of the details of where the evil blood came from. That changed on Tuesday, when Frazier slightly withdrew the curtain for reporters after noticing that Eaton fired serious shots at him with his words.

The third baseman did not hit himself.

"That's him, that's Adam," Frazier said. "At the end of the day, you are thinking about what a man really is. You do things on the field. You do not really talk about it. That's what I do. You usually do it that way in the past. I did not really want to talk about it, but I heard what he said.

An incident during their time in Chicago seems to be fuel for the beef.

"There are 23 of these guys who know what happened," Frazier said. "I do not know that he's talking about it That's all I say after that Men usually do things on the field You do not have to talk about it I'm a man, I have a mortgage to pay and two children Pay your mortgage I know not what I should tell you. "

He continued Calling Eaton "immature" and continuing to show his dislike of the 30-year-old.

"He understands where I'm from. He knows the past. He will have to take it. I said my piece. I'm done with it now, unless something is stirring. It's been a while. "It's in the past, but at the same time you do not forget many things."

"Nothing against the Nationals. That's between me and him.

When Eaton arrived at Citi Field on Tuesday, he was greeted by a swarm of reporters looking for an answer, who seemed to know nothing of what would have happened in 2016 to trigger the event.

"He's like an old friend," Eaton said, "I will not mention it. Very childish, honest. Are you interested in what happened in 2016? That's 2019, guys.

"It's funny, I do not know why he's upset, I do not know what he wants to shake up or what he wants to experience again, I did not ask for anything." The. I think I'm over it. He can scream what he wants.

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