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Mets & # 39; unique Vitalkog is now just a forgotten man

MIAMI – That's crystal clear. These Mets are no longer Yo & # 39; s team.

The Mets arrived at Marlins Park on Friday, and Yoenis Cespedes, who rehabs two hours north of Interstate 95 at Port St. Lucie, was not a visitor.

"He will not accompany us here in Miami, we thought it would hinder his ability in his rehab to come here for a few days," Mickey Callaway said before the Mets were hammered by Derek Jeter's tear-down Marlins , 8-2, Miami will give more profits than the sad, sad Mets. "We'll keep him there in Port St. Lucie to continue what we've done."

Cespedes could have been self-reliant to contact his suffering teammates, but he did not. If the Mets see again Cespedes as a player, no one can guess, but he has not yet started a running program.

A message is sent to Cespedes: See you when you're ready to play.

Cespedes does not seem to be in a hurry, especially to a team with a 32-47 record. This situation could continue throughout the summer.

The Mets are not likely to lean back to make Cespedes happy. He will be treated more like everyone else on the list. The Mets are financially tied to Cespedes: $ 29 million this season, $ 29 million next season and $ 29.5 million by 2020.

Cespedes will get his money. What will the Mets get from Cespedes?

Cespedes played 81

games in 2017 for a variety of leg injuries. He was limited to 37 games this season and was placed on the list of the disabled on 16 May with a "light load" of the right hip flexor.
Cespedes has to find a way to get back to the field.

You do not hear comments from the Mets like, "If we get Ces back." That was a constant refrain in the past.

Now it's more like Ces Who?

It will be fascinating to see how Cespedes responds to all this. Do not forget that Cespedes has a no-trade clause, so it could be ugly.

"You have to be careful who you give your money to," said a scout in the game about Cespedes.

The Mets will send Noah Syndergaard, who dropped a hill on Friday, and David Wright, who took ground balls on the third base and light throw of 90 feet, after the series to Port St. Lucie.

"We talked about it and [Cespedes] pulling away from his rehab to do it here with all the other guys we have in town would be hard to get the rehab he needs," Callaway said , When asked if Cespedes was coming, Callaway said, "We did not give him a chance after we talked about it."

As for Calspeed's mindset regarding the injury, Callaway said, "All the time he has expressed frustration, he has done everything to stay heathy this winter and that has not happened to him."

Asked Whether Cespedes, 32, could be back before the All-Star break, Callaway said, "I can not speculate, we only go day to day."

Do not hold your breath.

An operation was not discussed. Who knows when Cespedes will return?

"They do some stretching with a [physical therapist]," Callaway said about Cespedes & # 39; rehab.

When the Mets were last in Marlins Park, they swept Miami to go to 10-1. Two days later at Citi Field, they defeated the Brewers to reach 11-1, but that was all fool's gold. Since that time, the Mets are 21-46.

In this first series at Marlins Park, Cepedes went 1: 12. In his 31 games this season, Cespedes has released a slash line of .255 / .316 / .474, far from 2015 when he was in a trade of The Tigers came and played 57 games and a .287 / .377 / .604 slash when the Mets went to the World Series.

One of the three tenors of Mets, Omar Minaya, is on the journey.

When asked if he will talk to Cespedes, Minaya told The Post, "If he's here, I'll talk to him, if not, I will not."

That's the way it works.

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