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Mets expand Jacob deGrom – MLB business rumors

16:52 clock: The Mets have officially announced the extension of deGrom.

"This is a tremendous day for Jacob, his family, our fans and the entire Mets organization," said Jeff Wilpon, COO of 19459007 in the press release announcing the contract. "Last year, Jacob had one of the most notable seasons in baseball history and we are pleased to reward him. Mets fans can celebrate that they know their ace will stay in Flushing.

7:36: The Mets have agreed on an extension with Star Right-Hander Jacob deGrom according to Andy Martino of SNY.tv ( Twitter Links ). deGrom, the current Cy Young Award winner of the National League, makes a physical impression today. The contract covers four years and a new $ 120.5 million, as Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic first reported ( Twitter left ), with some of them being deferred.

Earlier this year For the 2019 season deGrom agreed to a $ 17 million arbitration agreement. That remains in place, though it's now being restructured as a $ 10 million bonus and $ 7 million salary, reports Joel Sherman of the New York Post on Twitter . DeGrom's last arbitration period, 2020, is suspended for $ 23 million. He will then earn $ 33.5 million in each of the next two seasons and $ 30.5 million in 2023-unless he refuses. The value of the option year is $ 32.5 million, Jeff Passan from ESPN.com .

When a deal is actually completed, this would end a tedious and rather intriguing story about deGrom's future. Just last summer, DeGrom's then-agent, Brodie Van Wagenen, pleaded that the team either elaborate an extension or trade the ace right-hander. In a cinematic twist, Van Wagenen became General Manager of Mets last fall. He refused to hold direct talks with deGrom on extension calls while the launcher decided to stay with the same agency (CAA Baseball). (This rejection concept was apparently of rather limited scope or has since been changed or repealed when Sherman tweets Van Wagenen himself was available for the final negotiations.)

The pages held preliminary talks at winter meetings, but then followed a long silence. After agreeing to a $ 9,600,000 2019 arbitrage salary, the deGrom camp set a deadline for the opening day of the talks, causing the clock to tick. It was hopeful when the camp was opened that a deal would be made, but the newer atmosphere was much less promising. But Andy Martino of SNY.tv tweeted yesterday that the talks are still ongoing, and Michael Mayer of MetsMerizedOnline added on Twitter that there was some progress en route to a deal.

As It turned out that the sites were on a contract that understandably includes some concessions in both directions. deGrom will be 31 years old in June this year and should not reach the open market by the end of the 2020 campaign. Contrast that with Chris Sale whose recent expansion was just before his 30th birthday and entered his final season of contractual control. (Of course, the Lefty also emerged from an injury-limited second half of the 2018 season.) The Sale deal offered five seasons and $ 145 million in new revenue; He will set up the entire final season of this deal at the age of 35. DeGrom receives a slightly higher AAV, although the first new contract year covers a season suitable for Arbis, and he will celebrate his 35th birthday in the middle of his last guaranteed season (if he has not already decided).

Both of these outstanding whores could have found greater freedom in free decision-making. The sale would have been the top arm this coming winter, while deGrom would surely have been one of the most sought-after free agents of the off-season 2020-21. Zack Greinke was already 32 years old when he made a six-year, $ 206.5 million deal with the Diamondbacks. However, this deal seemed to be an outlier when it was signed and the market has since shifted. Clayton Kershaw was not yet 31 years old and had produced excellent results only when he took over the Dodgers last fall but opted for setbacks and marginal problems for three years.

] There is also a big risk when you have a full MLB season. Therefore, extensions have usually left free choice to a greater extent than is the case with position players. A few young hurricanes approaching free brokerage have secured more money – Kershaw did not really reach $ 200 million in his first long-term contract if you subtract the expected arbitrage salary from that season. Stephen Strasburg secured $ 7 million in seven new seasons during his final year of team control. Elsewhere, the largest additions to pitching were Sale ($ 145 million), Cole Hamels ($ 144.5 million) and Justin Verlander ($ 140 million).

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For their money, the Mets secures the services of one of the best hurdles in the game for most or all of his remaining productive campaigns. DeGrom's development, which was never over-hyped as a lookout point, was slowed by Tommy John's operation. But he showed up in 2014, called the majors and exceeded his expectations. While he was never a big strike in the minors, deGrom always kept a K value in his early season. He started to increase in 2017, which was also his first 200 plus inning campaign, but took the next step only last year.

At the 2018 campaign, deGrom contributed a 9.9K value / 9 and 2.3 BB / 9 to 680 2/3 career innings. Along the way, there were some health problems, but on the whole he was a long-lasting and thoroughly excellent pitcher. There did not seem to be much ceiling left, but he undoubtedly found it.

He accelerated his speed (96.7 mph (average fastball)) and increasingly put his pelvis for his two offspeed offers (bills and shifters, combined use) ahead of 40%) helped deGrom push his swing Strike rate to increase 15.1%. He boosted his draw rate to a personal best of 11.2 K / 9, maintaining the typical 1.9 BB / 9 running speed, reduced Home Run issues that had surfaced in 2017, and almost solved the same A lot of soft contact (25.2%), as he allowed a hard contact (26.6%).

The results followed these impressive underlying figures. deGrom ended the 2018 campaign with 217 innings of 1.70 ERA balls. Not surprisingly, the ERA estimators blended a bit of luck given the out-of-chart run results – but not enough to keep deGrom's performance in check. He was credited with 1.99 FIP, 2.60 xFIP and 2.78 SIERA.

There is nothing secure in this world, least of all as far as future pitching performance is concerned. But deGrom seems to be as good a bet as any veteran who wants to produce until mid-thirties. His ability to maintain the peak physical shape may determine the extent to which he can approach his newly established personal heights, but his multi-level arsenal and flawless command seem to have about as much ground as any starter.

The age of deGrom is clearly limited in the contract, but that does not mean the mets can not score well. The organization will retain a degree of flexibility in payroll even after the 2020 season, the final year of commitments to Yoenis Cespedes and several other expensive veterans. deGrom beats Cespedes from the financial height of the organization. Rushmore joins David Wright Johan Santana Carlos Beltran to fulfill the four biggest missions in Mets history.

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