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Mexico arrests 6 suspects while killing journalists

  Mexico arrests 6 suspected killers of journalists

Murdered Mexican journalist Carlos Dominguez Rodriguez

MEXICO CITY (AP) – Six The murder of a journalist in the border town of Nuevo Laredo in January suspects were arrested, said the Mexican prosecutor's office on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, two former police officers were convicted of killing another reporter in the Gulf state of Veracruz in 2015.

The attack on Carlos Dominguez Rodriguez on January 13 may have been linked to his journalistic work, but was not linked to organized crime, prosecutors in the northern state of Tamaulipa said.

"The results so far indicate a probable connection between these events and the exercise of freedom of expression," the Federal Prosecutor's Office added in a statement.

Compared to Laredo, Texas, Nuevo Laredo is dominated by the Northeast Cartel and was the scene of recent shootings.

Prosecutor Irving Barrios said the motive for the murder of Dominguez Rodriguez is still under investigation, but the journalist did not write about organized crime issues.

Barrios said three of the six suspects "worked in the information industry, but we are still checking to see if they were journalists."

Officials refused to publish the names of the suspects under Mexican law, which prohibits publicly offending persons until they are found guilty.

The prosecutors did not explain why the suspects, who were reported to have worked as independent journalists by local media, wanted to kill Dominguez Rodriguez, or why the murder was so brutal. The victim was stabbed in front of relatives two dozen times.

Prosecutors in Veracruz announced later that two former police officers were sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing another journalist in 2015.

The prosecution said the officers had been members of the Medellin police force when they participated in the murder of Moises Sanchez Cerezo.

The Committee for the Protection of Journalists applauded the judgments, but called on the authorities to identify other stakeholders. The men were sentenced on March 23.

Sanchez was abducted from his home on January 2, 2015. His body was found three weeks later. First, the entire police of the city was arrested.

Sanchez published the local weekly "La Union", which dealt with corruption cases and violent deaths in local government. His son, Jorge Sanchez, told CPJ that many more arrests would have to be made there.

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