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A new scam is reported with Google Calendar

A new scam has been reported, this time with the Google Calendar service. Here's how to avoid it before it affects you.

A new scam related to Google Calendar has been reported that can be performed in a specific manner simply by adding the feature to events without their consent to invitations to third-party calendars.

New ways to ruin the day for others

The way in which the above is achieved is the following An Invitation displayed on your Google Calendar. This invitation will notify you and invite you to participate in a survey, or you will be notified that you have won something.

Each of these events added to your calendar has a link. So if you enter to see the event, you will be redirected to a special website. In this case, this website requests your personal data such as name, address, card, telephone.

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The option to receive invitations and events on your calendar from anyone is enabled by default, but you can easily remove them, all you need to do is Google Calendar from a desktop browser There you go to "Event Settings" and then to "Automatically add events" and there you have to "No, just show invitations to those I've answered" .

Additionally, it is important to remove the option "Show disapproved events" as they can still be displayed at the time of writing this notice.

Interesting nterweise Google Calendar can not be accessed through Google Chrome . Although nothing has been reported Could it be because it is a kind of update? As soon as we know, we'll let you know.

Source: Wired.

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