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Aeromexico manages to lease its planes in hourly agreements

Aeroméxico Group received approval from the US court for the southern district of New York to amend most of its aircraft leasing contracts to be based on hourly wage contracts.

These agreements reduce the monthly cost of Aircraft leasing and the airline’s engines during the term of these contracts.

In this way, Aeromexico can change the monthly lease cost structure based on the use of the equipment at competitive rates, thus realizing savings compared to the originally contracted rates, as set out in a statement from the airline.

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These agreements are concluded between Aeromexico and 27 different aircraft leasing companies covering 82 aircraft and 1

4 replacement engines.

Andrés Conesa, CEO of Grupo Aeroméxico, said this is a significant step in the airline’s restructuring process that will pave the way for negotiating long-term agreements with their leasing partners on the equipment that makes sense to keep them in their fleet.

The airline is continuing its process of Liability restructuring under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Act in the United States while continuing to operate.

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