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AMLO government “is full of power struggles”: chief of Semarnat

The Minister for Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat), Víctor Toledo, assured that the fourth transformation advocated by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “does not exist as a clear and closed objective”.

“This fourth-quarter government is full of contradictions, and that translates into power struggles within the cabinet,” he said in an audio leaked to the media this Wednesday.

The official cited the following as an example: “The Secretariat for Rural Development, the Sader headed by Víctor Villalobos, is principally aimed at the agricultural industry and is against agroecology. They are trying to impose the vision that prevails in the world on all large companies. ”


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Toledo not only referred directly to Villalobos, but also attacked Alfonso Romo, the head of the President’s Office, “who has acquired enormous centrality and power in the government,” he assured. “It is the main operator to block everything that has to do with the environment, the energy transition and agroecology.”

Toledo assured that Romo had called him to three meetings with Sader chief Villalobos to manage the import of glyphosate, “the main poison, the main pesticide, and we have had to hold meetings to negotiate because of the answer Not just from Sader But from the North American government, from 20 embassies in Mexico, against what we did in Semarnat, it was overwhelming. ”

The head of Semarnat also complained about the blockade to stop transgenic cotton and to migrate towards agro-ecological production.

To sum up the issue in agriculture, he explained that it will not be possible to turn freely to agroecology: “Because the President and the Minister of Agriculture and the Presidency are against all of these, they are against even, there is what should I say from the Sembrando Vida program.

Regarding cattle, Toledo said that the president convened a cabinet meeting about two months ago to promote a cattle project by a North American company that had a project to buy or rent Ejidalland in Campeche and Tabasco. “Fortunately, thousands of hectares to run a large dairy project in a fully agro-business model have not been reached.”

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The Mexicali brewery question also came out of what the chief of Semarnat denounced. “Here we had the Home Office in favor of the brewery. The Under Secretary of State even convened a meeting to persuade the secretariats to support the brewery, bringing the brewery vice president with him. ”

He also assured that the Under Secretary of Commerce, the Under Secretary (whom he did not identify by name), is promoting mining. “Alfonso Romo invited me to breakfast with the owner of Grupo México to convince me that we should be more accessible and not put too much pressure on Grupo México.”

Toledo said the same thing is happening to the Ministry of Energy and its owner, Rocío Nahle, with whom they also have differences.

To top it off, the Environment Minister assured that this agency is trying: “But we are not in a government that is completely on our side, there are very strong contradictions within. We shouldn’t idealize 4T. This government is a government of brutal contradictions. All of our visions that we share here are not at all in the rest of the cabinet and I am afraid that they are not in the President’s head and it has to be said, “he warned.

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