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AMLO proposes support to prevent private schools from closing their doors

According to the National Association for Private Schools (ANFE-ANEP), 12,178 of the country’s 48,713 private education centers would be in the red, or 25%. In Mexico, an estimated 5.3 million students attend private schools with 485,188 teachers.

According to the president, the closure of private schools would mean greater demand for public schools. His government therefore plans to offer support so that private schools are not closed and education continues to be guaranteed, although he has not explained what type it is. the help that will give them.

This Monday, the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) announced that the 2020-2021

school cycle will begin on August 24, and stated that it will be some distance away from the educational content broadcast on public television and through four of the major television channels becomes. in the country.

“We will not give up education and health, we have to find a way to meet all education needs. As far as public education is concerned, we have already reached an agreement with television stations,” said the president. .

Since last April, the federal consumer prosecutor’s office (Profeco) has reported that tuition fees must be reconciled between educational authorities and parents as long as the health emergency caused by COVID-19 is maintained and private schools are still closed. However, these educational centers are affected by the economic damage that COVID-19 has caused.

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