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AMLO: There will be no suppression against FRENA Sit-In in CDMX

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stressed that the members of the Anti-AMLO Front (FRENA) have to live the sit-in process, as the Mexican government will guarantee their freedoms.

“Let our conservative opponents know that we are not the same, that we are not authoritarian, that we are not repressive and that full freedoms are guaranteed. Now that there̵

7;s a sit-in in the center of the city that we’ve fought for justice and democracy for a long time, they need to know that they all have guarantees to demonstrate that they won’t be bothered to leave. to be able to stay there in their tents like we did, ”he said.

Pictures of the protesters in Av. Juarez, CDMX

During the presentation of the progress of the National Reconstruction Program three years after the 2017 earthquake in Jojutla, Morelos, López Obrador assured I hope those who demonstrate stay long enough.

“Hopefully it’s nothing more ephemeral, a few days; We have been there several times for up to a month. I’m not asking everyone to camp in the Zócalo, it’s just interesting that they are living this process, it’s no longer the protest in cars, now that they have made the decision to get out of the cars and protest and camp “, he said. .

That they stay there, just let everyone stay the leaders, to sleep there in the tents that they don’t go to the hotels at night and that they just let people sleep there, but stay the “bare groupers”, those from above, those leading this movement, and I say it with all due respect, “he added.

Finally, AMLO reiterated that those who protest need to be sure they have everything they need guarantee your freedoms.

AMLO stressed that the Mexican government would guarantee their freedoms. | Photo: Cuartoscuro

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