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At 20, a young woman tells how a piercing in her nose left her paraplegic

Through her Instagram report, young Layane Dias (19459004) told a story that quickly became viral, explaining how a piercing on her nose made her paraplegic life-long. with what he wanted to draw attention to others.

Dias reported that he got sick with his family last July before completing a traineeship and a trip because of severe pain on his back, so he went to the doctor.

The 20-year-old added that the pain was so great that she had to give up the practices; The symptoms worsened, however, and she said that later she could no longer move her legs and lost the feeling of her breasts to the feet.

In an interview for [BBCBrazil] [Brazil] the young woman told a neurosurgeon who treated his case, asked him if he had a sore in the nose or something similar as the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus is mainly formed in the nasal passages.

Layane Dias admitted that it had been done a nose piercing last month, so the doctor explained without hesitation that the bacteria had invaded his body through the perforation.

"Listening confused me," said the young woman, who also did this. She put several piercings on her nose, and then she decided to have a hole in the other side of her nose.

Dias explained that her nose had become swollen and red at the time; he did not pay attention to the condition since he left later.

"I thought it was just a cereal, but it gave me a fever, I treated it myself, I put on some ointments and a week later it disappeared."

After being hospitalized and Blood tests were conducted, she was diagnosed with a serious case in which she had caused a hemorrhage paralysis; Although urgently needed, paraplegia was not eliminated, but controlled so that it did not fully expand.

Finally, the young woman, now walking in a wheelchair, warns of the danger of piercing in a place without hygiene. so attentive to be more careful; although she herself confirmed that she will not file a lawsuit against the site where the piercing was performed.

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